I can remember being a child. There were so many things that were going on around me. I was affected by them, in various ways. They really shaped my mindset, my views of myself as well as the world. The way I reasoned came from the common views of my parents, siblings and family. The older I got, the views of my peers was mixed in as well. I believe life is just that, the impact of family, friends, and people that we come in contact with on various occasions in our lives. When it comes to my children, I know and understand that I play a pivotal role in their lives. Everything I do and say has the power to shape what they will do and say in their private lives. I have the power to damage them with denial and damaging words and actions. Due to this, I have to be very mindful as to what type of words I use, even when I am angry with them. I have to be careful to demonstrate the right choice patterns so that they can have a model of responsibility, honesty and integrity to live by. See, I don’t know if my parents thought of this. They were raised in broken homes. I was raised in a broken home, and unless I stop the cycle of brokenness then my kids will be the product and producer of brokenness. The thing about it is, it’s so easy to just go on with each day and make many mistakes, trying to convince yourself and others that your children will be okay in spite of your flaws. However, it is imperative that we should try our best to fill each and everyday with lessons being taught to our children through words and actions that will create a human being who is filled with the power to change the world. How may you do this? I am glad you asked. Here are a few mindful steps you can take to equip your child with everything they need.

1. Daily affirmations- write some things down for your child to recite each night, or each morning that will change their mindset about themselves and the world around them. (i.e. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, God created in me a great purpose, all things will work out for my good, God is for me.)

2. Set the example: More than what you say, kids watch and learn from what you do. Always remember that things like men/women in and out of the home, always going out to the clubs, being angry all the time, never living up to promises will affect how your child views all of these life choices.

3. Pray over your child: So important, you have to pray over your child daily. Make sure that your child is covered while sleeping, when at school, at play, in every aspect, pray for your child to be covered.

4. Teach your child to pray: Your child will learn the importance of prayer in life when it becomes a part of their everyday life. Teach them how to pray and you will teach them an important coping tool as well as weapon against the enemy that can be used always.

5. Teach your kid to read the word: The Bible is LIFE, give them life and watch your child learn and change in ways you could never do on your own!

There are many great things that don’t cost us money, but will come at a cost because we have to sacrifice our own needs/desires to better our children. I will continue this lesson on the next blog!! Please like and comment below! if you have a topic that I haven’t covered but you would like me to cover comment here too!! We all can change the course of our child’s lives one beautiful step at a time!!!