The life of believers have to be shaped in the image of Jesus Christ. This is because He is the living example of who God is. Many of us have many influences in our life. We may be influenced by our parents, friends, family members, favorite movie star or singer, and the lists goes on. We see something that we value in a person, and then sooner or later it becomes a part of our makeup. I remember in my mid 20s hating being in front of a camera. When people took pictures, I hated it and would get angry because I felt that all pictures were ugly. I did this every time someone would point a camera at me (unless I was in a photo studio). Soon, I met a group of friends that loved taking pictures. They would take them often, get them developed and even share most of them on social media (this was right at the brink of the smart phone era). I was so impressed by their confidence in front of the camera. I remember going home and doing some of the same things…taking selfies and posing for beautiful pictures, then even uploading them to popular sites where you could add little emojis and cute sayings. I became very comfortable in front of a camera and loved taking pictures. The influence that these young ladies had on me and my newfound love for the camera stuck with me. This can be said for the influence of Christ as well. Jesus Christ was not an angry man. He wasn’t bitter, he wasn’t vengeful or vindictive. Jesus was the Son of God and reading our bibles as well as praying and spending time with other believers helps us to be influenced by Him. Instead of being angry at the things that other people do, we will be influenced by Christ to be loving and forgiving. Instead of using harsh words when we get angry, we will go in love and in peace. This is because being around Jesus Christ will put love and peace in your heart. It will fill you with the joy of the Lord. Jesus is love. This means that under His influence, we will become love. Jesus said in His word, “This is how you will know my disciples, by their love.” Are you loving? Do you refrain from using harsh words when angry? If you find yourself feeling unrestrained with your anger or harsh words, begin to spend more time with Jesus. Read the Word of God and surround yourselves with people of God who will help you to live under the full influence of Christ.