Continuing our look into the why and how to deal with the ruthless women everywhere, I am led to make sure you know that it is nothing you can do to change the hearts of these women. Some people are just determined to not like you. These people are not always the ones who say that they don’t like you to your face. Nowadays, things are very different. The people who don’t like you are closest to you. They are the people I like to call frienemies. They come into your life as a friend, are your friends on social media or work and when they see you would hug you and love on you like you are very important to them. However, when you are not around, they are speaking against you and talking about you like you are nothing to them. These are worse than enemies, because most of the time you are blind to their ways and trust them enough to share even some of the most darkest secrets with them. I have a few frienemies, and I thank God that he has exposed each and everyone of them. I have had these type of people come into my life and bring so much drama with them. They are people that I genuinely cared about, but for some reason they turned against me. I always say if a person is very quick to turn their back on your friendship, they probably were never your true friend anyway. In this crazy world that they exist in, if you call them out on their fake ways, they would act surprised. I feel sorry for them really because true friendship is something that they don’t understand and are incapable of it. Looking back, many of my frienemies talk bad about their family and friends without a second thought. Logic would tell you if someone is not loyal to people who are related by blood, then they definitely would not be loyal to you.
I have frienemies who have introduced me to people and I could tell by the way that the people they introduced talked to me that she had said something negative about me. There were also times that I was friends with her cousins or friends and they would immediately dislike me. However, when she needed me, I would be there to the best of my ability to be there for her.Beloved if you are dealing with a frienemy (which you probably are), make sure that you don’t allow all the negativity that they are spewing out affect you . They don’t know any better. One of my frienemy’s mother talked to me one day and told me of how much of a liar she is. After that conversation I noticed how much she lied on the regular, saying things that were just not true. She also disclosed personal information about the people closer to her without hesitation. I begin to see the big picture. Even though she was causing so much havoc in my life by being lying and manipulative, I felt bad for her. I figured, she must be very sad to feel like she had to lie and do all of the evil things that she had done to me. Take the time to pray for your frienemies. God has placed them in your life for a reason. Perhaps one day, you will be effective in their life and they will become different. When you know better, you do better. Maybe one day the frienemies will learn the error in their ways and try to change for the better. It’s worth a try. Be blessed and love God, love your haters and become who God called you to be. You can and will overcome the hassle of having a frienemy.