Our story is one that needs to be told! As a writer, I am amazed at how good I feel after I sit down and write out my thoughts. I truly believe that in order to make progress in life, we have to look over our past, mistakes and accomplishes, to find out what we did well, what we didn’t do so great on, and what we need to improve. I must admit, I haven’t done this in quite some time, and truly writing this blog is helping me as much as I hope it is a help to you.
Take the time to find out what it is that you need to improve on, as well as what you have accomplished towards your goals and dreams. We should seek and pursue healing and success in our lives everyday. You may find solace and peace, as well as a gifting for writing in your life. This is also a great idea for journaling, where you can look over and explore how you change over time. It will help you to seek gain and keep track of your purpose. Here is my example below. I wrote this a few years ago in a time of much troubling in my heart.

A Prayer Tailor Made for Stephanie

Once hurt and broken, God was ever so gracious to deliver me from past pain, hurt, and disappointment.
He replaced them with precious jewels of peace, integrity, and love…
I was not aware of the value of the newfound fortune deep within me, so when an opportunity for what I thought I needed came, I foolishly traded my valuable treasure for that which was not what God had for me…
By the time that I realized that I had been swindled and bamboozled, my precious gifts were tattered and my mind, body, and soul were damaged.
Though I tried to get back what I once had, the obstacles of brokenness, confusion and disillusion blocked my path.
Knowing the Word of God, I tried over and over to conquer my stronghold to no avail….
The enemy had crowned himself as victorious in my defeat, seeing as I was so consumed in my own guilt and conviction over what I was harboring deep inside of me…
But my Heavenly Father, my dear and precious God, my Redeemer,
I know that Your hand is not too short to reach my heart.
Your eyes are not blind to my bondage,
Your will is for me to be free.
Restore what I have so foolishly given away
Lord, I place it all in Your hands.
Do for me, what I can’t do for myself
God, I am your child.
I pray that You will help me, Oh God, my Redeemer, my Strength.
I wait ever so patiently for your deliverance….

Thank You Holy Spirit for a Prayer created in me through you, made just for me…