Can I overshare for a minute? I came to this realization earlier today and it changed my mindset on a lot of things and gave me clarity to myself. Since I was a young girl I have always been beautiful; inside and out. Problem is, there were many many people who ridiculed and flat out denied my outer beauty so for a big part of my life, I despised it myself. In doing so, it was very easy for me to give little to no thought as I gained weight, and as I changed from size to size, I delved into the beauty that is intangible. That is, my inner beauty. God helped me to develop a prayer life that changed my heart, mind and goals. This is return helped me to be empathetic, caring and even more loving than I ever was before.
Anyone who knows me knows that I love God. Because I love the Lord, I love the people that He created. No matter what, I love God’s creation and spend a lot of time encouraging and praying for others who are struggling in various areas of their lives. Also, I spend a lot of time reading God’s Word and books by those who are inspired by it. My goal is to be all that God created to me. This has been my true passion and I value it more than any makeup, weave or fashion accessory.
There are many women who spend so much time on their outer beauty. They value it because of various reasons. Some love the competitive nature of being the prettiest, skinniest, or most fashionable. Some love the attention that men give them because of their outer beauty. Still some are just looking to be healthy and therefore exercise and eat right to feel better and live longer.
My view is that whatever people value the most, they invest their time and money on. For a long time, outer beauty has been important to me, but not my most valuable trait. I neglect to make choices based on what my body looks like to others and focus more on the inward beauty. However, I can’t deny that this is not God’s plan for me or anyone. Ignoring the care of your body is equivalent to getting a brand new house or car and being completely oblivious to the need to clean, care for and repair them. God desires for us to take everything He gives us and value it for the gift that it is. It is vitally (literally) important for us to pay attention to our health, to our weight and to what we put into our bodies, which are the temple of God.
I said when I had my last birthday that I would focus on mastering me. This is something that God has revealed is a big part of it. Learning the WHY behind things you do and choices you make are a big part of changing the bad ones into ones that you will one day be proud of. It takes time to look into our own lives without the rose colored glasses and find out what the root of our problems is. However, God is faithful. Pray today and ask God to reveal your hidden thoughts and motives to you.