I was so happy to be getting some type of relief from the bills that seemed to be piling up more than ever before. Now granted, being that I was to sole provider for my kids, sometimes money was tight. However, this was tighter than ever before. I tried and tried the different agencies that were available in my area to no avail. I was turned down over and over again. Soon the realty company begin to call asking about the rent payment. It was so depressing. I tried over and over again to apply for the different COTA jobs in the area and nothing was opening. I finally got a call back from a recruiter for a job about 1 1/2 hours away. I went to the interview and was hired PRN. This made me very happy. After I received the job offers, I went back to the agencies for help. This was also to no avail. They still refused to help me. On top of that, the hiring process was a lot longer than a CNA job was. There were many things that had to be verified, things that took weeks to come back. I was at a point where I didn’t know what to do. I began praying and praying all the time. I knew that God hadn’t brought me this far to allow me to fail, but I couldn’t understand how this situation was going to end. The landlord begin putting pressure on me about the payment, and I didn’t have anything to give him. One day when I was praying I heard a voice inside of me confirm that I would need to move out of the home. I thought this was the enemy, so I rebuked it and tried to pray over the voice that was so firm and certain. I called one of my mentors who is a prophetess and asked her to pray for me. I was so overwhelmed that I felt like there was this heavy cloud over my head. I just wanted someone to touch and agree with me that God would move in my favor. She prayed with me as she always did, then she begin to tell me that she heard God say that I would have to move. I was devastated. I knew this woman could hear from God truly, but I hoped that what she was revealing wasn’t true. I had been in my home for 6 years and I didn’t know where I would go. Besides, how would I have the monies to move out if I didn’t even have the monies to stay? I didn’t know the answer but I knew that I should just keep praying. God has a way of confirming His word and He did, although I was reluctant to receive it. By the time I started work, it was of no help as I was PRN, getting more money than I had ever made per hour in my life, but was not full-time so hours were scarce. I begin to call around to different facilities that the company I worked for owned as far as 2 hours away. They never called back. I even filled out a CNA application out of desperation. Even they didn’t call back. As time passed, I realized it was no way I could stay in this home. I ended up having to move. I went and got a UHAUL and my sister-in-law paid for me to get a storage unit. My brother and his wife ended up helping me to get everything out of the house and graciously allowed me to live with them. My nephew also came through and helped me to move as well. Thank God for family. I mean, in all honestly, I was homeless. I didn’t have anywhere to go other than their home. God has a sense of humor because as we arrived to the storage unit, I received a call from a center who wanted me to work with them for a whole week. This made me so happy. After the move, I felt better than I had in awhile; however, living with someone was not something that I was used to. Thank God that my family was so kind to me. They helped me so much with the children, taking them to school and picked them up. After that first call, I was called almost everyday. God was turning things around for me suddenly, and I was elated. However, as I begin to look into moving, I faced new obstacles.