On the day my niece and nephew came to my home, I was elated. When I got them, their mother gave me a dufflebag full of clothes for them. We said our goodbyes and she told me that it would be for a short time. The kids were 3 and 9 at the time. Upon looking through the clothes that she provided for the children, I noticed that all of them were mildewed. I tried to wash them to no avail. I ended up having to buy the kids all new clothes.
I worked with some amazing people who helped me in many ways. Some of them gave me books, clothes, and hair items for my little girl. One of the first nights after I got the kids I took them to bible study. The kids had a reading assignment that they were to read and respond to. I noticed that my nephew was not participating in the activity. This concerned me a bit so I made sure he brought the assignment home. When I asked him to read it, my heart was broken. It was hard for him to read the entire 3 paragraph page. He was struggling with the words that were way below his grade level. He couldn’t even read “with” and “the”. I was flabbergasted. I ended up having to try to register my nephew for school. I was told that unless the mother came down to the school, I wouldn’t be able to get him in school. I didn’t want to get in trouble for him not being in school. Therefore, I called the children’s mom to come to Daytona to help me get him registered. She said she would the next day. This went on for about 2 weeks. I even called the grandmother to try to contact her, as I realized she had no intent on coming. One school near my home was very nice. The lady gave me all of his information, including the fact that he was 2 grades behind. Apparently he had not been going to school for months at a time. This made me angry to hear. Upon learning this, I went home to have a talk with him. When I asked him about the absences, He told me that he would wake up for school and it would be very late. The people who his mom had him living with would tell him that it was too late for him to go, and that he should’ve woke up earlier. He also told me that at one time he was taken out of school by his grandmother and didn’t return for months. I was at a loss. The next day, his maternal aunt called me. I told her about the issue that was happening with trying to get him registered for school. She explained that her sister was addicted to drugs. This was a shock to me. She suggested that I go to the courthouse to appeal to the court on the kids behalf. I happened to be near it at the time so I went and filed for custody. I explained the situation and was granted custody the same day. The kids were happy. I was relieved. I didn’t realize it but this was the beginning of a lot of ups and ups in my life (yes I noticed I didn’t write downs).