I promise you that it is so hard to remember everything in chronological order, as I feel it went by in a blur. I know it was only God who brought me through these incredibly hard times.

After my mom made it home, it was a very happy time. I don’t think anyone understands more than herself and I how close she was to death. I remember hearing months after her hospital stay how many nights she nearly died, and I didn’t even know. It was only God who brought her through: respiratory failure, heart failure, kidney failure. Months later, I was doing agency work at the rehab hospital she was a patient at. I was working on the computer, and noticed the screen saver. It was a picture of my mom, walking with a foley cath and a walker. The caption read “Miracle Lady”. I smiled, telling one of the girls that she was my mom. This is when I heard about how bad her prognosis really was. God had truly raised her off of her death bed. My mother’s desire after she came home was for us to attend her church with her. We came, no problem, figured it would be the least we could do for her. The Sunday that we went, I don’t even remember what Pastor preached about. All I remember is I ended up at the altar. Due to the fact that I had come from such a questionable church situation prior to this (I really have left a HUGE HUGE amount of information from my life, I will have to include it in my book), I ended up feeling very strange about having someone pray over me. The only thing was, there were a lot of people in the sanctuary, so I didn’t want to be “THAT PERSON” who went to that altar and turned around before they received prayer. So my prayer became this, “Lord, I am so scared to be up here getting prayer, but please, YOU touch me.” Pastor was asking us to come up and pray for whatever it is that we want God to do, and that he would touch and agree with you. I begin praying in my heart for my dad, who was currently in prison, and my then husband was in prison, and my brother was in prison. I asked God to let them come home. This was said in my head, as I said no audible words in my prayer as Pastor had instructed us not to. As I was still standing and praying, Pastor came up to me and said “Lord, bring her loved ones home.” I knew then that this was God working through him. There was NO WAY that he could’ve known what I was praying for. I knew then as I fell down in surrenderance, that I was in the right place. I joined the church that very same day. When I tell you, that part of my life has had such an impact on who I am today, I can’t even explain. I’m so excited about this and the next parts of my journey that I will share with you!