How many of you have ever had an encounter with the Lord?? I mean a real encounter with Him? I truly believe that as believers, God really desires to have our own personal relationship with Him. He is never too busy or too far away to where you can’t reach Him. I remember when I first joined my church. My Pastor would often tell us his story about when he first encountered Christ. As I listened, I yearned to have an encounter with Him of my own. My Pastor told me that I needed to tarry (say Jesus over and over again) in order to encounter Him. I was determined to experience this on my own. Every night, I would get off work, take a shower and get right into my praise and worship. I would listen to worship and praise music, pray, and cry out to God. Then I would begin to tarry to get access into God’s presence. It was amazing. Every night I would do it, I would tell God all of my thoughts, prayers, and problems. I would feel as if all of those problems and issues would fade away. Each morning, I woke up refreshed and feeling brand new! God really was ministering to my spirit and washing away every dead part of my life and renewing my strength. One particular night I was tarrying, I was able to experience the encounter I had desired. I was on my knees, and I instantly saw myself in my late grandmother’s church. Everyone was praising, however, my grandmother didn’t look too happy to see me there. I was confused. I walked towards the front of the church and then I saw my grandfather, (who had passed nearly 50 years before). He was happy and what was strange was that before then I hadn’t ever seen him as he died way before I was born. However, I knew who he was. He reached out his arms to hug me. Suddenly, Jesus came out of the door in the front. He ushered me to the very front and center of the church. Confused, I looked down and noticed that I was wearing what I previously thought was like a 1920’s wedding gown with a hat and lace. (As I was writing this and looking for a picture of the dress, I found out this dress was a 1982 dress, which is the year i was born!!). Jesus and I stood in front of a reverend and were married. Everyone in the audience clapped as He ushered me out of the church and into a limousine. Then Jesus looked at me. He looked at me with more love than I have ever felt in my entire life. He looked at me and through me. His love was radiating through my entire soul. All of a sudden, I noticed that He saw something inside of me that wasn’t what He desired. He then looked towards the heavens and the sky had a window that opened up. I suddenly found myself back in my body and totally in awe. I was so very overwhelmed that I had now experienced my own encounter. I was so happy and humbled. I now feel closer to God. My longing to actually see Jesus face to face has created a zeal for His presence that I don’t want to deny. I encourage each of yo to seek God and ask Him to help you to have an experience of your own. How many of you want to encounter Jesus? Tarry, pray, seek Him and get into His presence. I guarantee you that one encounter will change your life for the better!

If you read this and have had an encounter with Jesus, I want to hear about it!! comment on this post, or email us at He is waiting for a chance to show you who He is and how much He loves you!! I’ve included the 1982 vintage gown that was in my vision. I think it’s amazing that God chose my birth year as the style of the gown.