People have for centuries tried over and over again to make men live by God’s commandments. There have been many fights and wars over people’s disagreement to it. There are still many countries that are fighting everyday either for or against the adherence to His law. People all over the world base their laws off of basic principles that are for or against His word. In some countries, it is against the law to even pray to Him or to read His word. I remember being a child and hearing the Word of God. In understanding it, I begin to wonder why so many people I knew who were saved were not living up to the law that was set in His word. I was even told by one adult that everyone breaks the law of God, even Pastors. That idea brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t understand for the life of me how men of God who preached His word daily could break His law even though they knew it was wrong. I mean, certainly God forgives, but Paul states in the bible, “Should we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly NOT!! What sense does it make to know exactly what God desires from us, and still do opposite of that? It truly baffles me. This brings to mind one day when I was about 9 or 10 years old, me and my older brother, Artis, and my younger brother Darian were on our way home from school. My older brother, who tricked us often, told us that it was okay for us to curse, as long as we would say “God forgive us” at the end of our little curse word spree. We cursed all the way home, about anything. We laughed and had a good time cursing. Then, as we turned the corner to get to our home, we all said “God forgive me.” In our little young minds, it was sufficient and we were forgiven. Of course, now that I’m older, I understand the fallacy in our actions. Sin is not something to be played with. As youth, we were void of that understanding and I am sure that God forgave us long ago. However, the truth remains that we should always obey God and honor Him in that we observe and follow the law to the best of our ability everyday. It sounds easy, but indeed it comes with its challenges. It’s very similar to someone marrying you and then deciding to cheat whenever they desire. If you truly love your spouse, cheating or doing anything to jeopardize his/her trust would be something you avoid doing at all costs. The thought of losing that person or even upsetting them to the point where they can’t trust you is something that a loving spouse would dread happening. Yet many of us choose to live our life however we desire with no thought towards how much of our everyday walk contradicts the entire written word. Many people believe that following God’s commandments are too hard. They struggle with fornication or homosexuality or lying, doing drugs and believe that there is no way out. I’m here to tell you that there is. Falling madly in love with Jesus. When we take out the factoring of being obligated to follow God’s law and allow love for God to motivate our lives into submission then we will find it so much easier to allow grace to flow and God’s Spirit to lead us. When we use the tools of prayer, praise, worship, and fellowship properly, this fleshly war that we battle inside of us daily will come to a halt. My Pastor has a saying that sticks to my heart, “feed the spirit, starve the flesh.” We should be filling our minds hearts and spirit with the Word of God, Prayer, Praise and Worship, our lives will begin to change through the power of the Holy Spirit. Those very things that you struggle with will be of the past. You will be able to find your way out of temptation and live in victory instead of fear and misery. If you desire to love God the proper way and to begin to walk in the spirit of the Lord, set time for your God each day. Pray to Him, worship Him, Sing praises to Him. Falling in love with Jesus will be the best thing that you have ever done. Have you tried Him?