I remember when I first met my spiritual father. He came into my job at Albertson’s and was purchasing an item. I could see God all over him. Somehow I knew in my spirit that this was a man after God’s heart. I don’t remember exactly what I said to him, but it was something along the lines of “Are you a Pastor?” At the time, he wasn’t. He informed me about the ministry that he was attending and invited me to come out. Something about God’s presence in his life drew me closer to God and made me want to check the church out.
I ended up going there for a couple years. This was before I got married and really attending this church made me truly face the fact that living in an unmarried situation was sinful in God’s eyes. Before long, I was married and my ex husband and I both attended the church and I was longing for more of God. I would often call my spiritual father and seek his wisdom on how to become a better Christian. He would be so patient with me and pray with me and let me know that God was in control. I was so appreciative to befriend a man of God who cared about my ex husband and my own well being and who was there to encourage us in the Lord. One day, I remember I asked him a question, “How do you trust God?”

I remember he was a bit hesitant before he answered and when he did I quickly understood that it was something that he probably hadn’t thought about the actual “how” behind it. Looking back, I can understand why because many of us Christians do things and accept certain truths without taking the time to investigate how it all comes together. While it may be okay for us, I know that there are a lot of babes in Christ who ponder on such subjects everyday. Things like trusting God are often encouraged but never fully explained.

First of all to trust God doesn’t mean that you will always see the full picture of what He is doing. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You don’t know what He is doing. You are many times trying to figure out how so many bad things are happening back to back and things haven’t turned around for you. I have had times when I was going through something and I just would say to myself “If God could just send me a sign, I will know that everything is gonna be alright.” However, many times He would not send any sign. I would go through a trial and pray over and over again without ever getting that true indication that this was a part of God’s design and I was on the right track. I felt defeated many times that the victory was mine. I felt lonely many times when God was in fact with me. I know some of you may be going through that type of storm right now. I want to encourage you.

Trusting God goes beyond being able to see things working out. It goes beyond having your trusted Christian friend to pray for you to succeed. It goes hand and hand with intimacy with God. When we take the time to spend the time we need to in His presence, we learn how He operates. When you are going through a trial, pray more. Read your bible more because reading about the many victories that others have found in Him will in fact encourage you. If it gets too hard, sometimes we have to write down the scripture and repeat it over and over again to get it in our spirit. God is capable of keeping us. He is very aware of every deadline, every time frame and calendar date that we are trying to keep up with. Nothing catches Him by surprise. One of my favorite songs says to God, “Everything is in Your dominion, it’s nothing too hard for you, Lord, it’s nothing too small for You Lord!” This truth is so sobering. To know that we serve a faithful God, to know that He is sovereign (in control of everything) helps us even more to trust Him. Many of us believe in His word, and are Christians but unable to truly say that we trust Him like we should. If that’s you, I encourage you to learn the character of our God. There is none like Him. Ask Him to reveal more of Himself to you and watch our faithful God come through and show you who you trust. He is our everlasting Father. He loves you and He wants you to trust Him. Do you?