Being able to guard your heart is something that all singles need to learn. It is something that we are not used to being told, especially in this world where falling in love with no regard to protecting the heart is encouraged. In my last blog, I was able to give insight into why we should protect the heart and how. This time, I want to go further into the subject for those that are still struggling to find out why their heart is broken over and over again. Beloved, it is something that can save you years of pain and anguish.
I believe you should share this with every single person that you know as it will change their world.
In looking at being single, many Christians feel that they should wait. Now I would be the first to tell you that waiting is a great thing. We should expect God to bring us into a relationship when He sees fits. Being able to wait is something that is very challenging and truthfully frustrating at times. It requires you to trust God even though days, weeks, and months go by without having that special someone in your life. There are many times that you will go through questioning your worth or wondering what is wrong with you because while you are waiting, it sometimes seems that everyone is finding love and having kids and getting married. It will seem that so much time is passing and the thing that seems most desirable to do will be getting into a relationship as quickly as possible so that your forever can begin. Can I tell you I understand? However, forever has already begun. There is so much that we should be doing other than waiting in our single season. We should be living life to the fullest. We should take up hobbies, maybe learn to paint, plant a garden, or focus on getting physically or spiritually healthy (I suggest both). There are so many of us that get used to the work, school and church routine of it all. We somehow feel like waiting for our mate means waiting for happiness to begin once that person walks into our life. Beloved, you would be so much more beneficial to the man or woman that you are waiting for if you are able to fill your waiting days with leisure full of substance. I watched a story on Maya Angelou. She went through a traumatic experience and didn’t speak for 5 years by choice. During that time, she learned to listen, she spent her time reading every book in her local library and she memorized them. Now I am not saying that being single is traumatic, or that you should be as esteemed as to read every book in the library and try to remember each word, but you get the picture. Fill your mind with the Word of God. Learn new things about yourself. Learn creative ways to decorate your home, perfect your cleaning and cooking skills, make sure that whenever that person does walk into your life, you are able to be a blessing to them in every way. God does not want your waiting season to be filled with sadness and depression. You are doing Him no service with your head down and disgraced because He has chosen you to be alone for a purpose. Fill your heart with all the treasures of the Lord and protect it from any attack that the enemy has planned for you. Beloved, just like satan plans traps for you in the spiritual realm to hold you back from all the God has created you to be, he also plans traps for your relationships. Be cautious that when you meet a man or woman that you are truly interested in that you seek God with all your heart, and all your mind, and all your soul. Seek Him to give you guidance and honor Him by not allowing every sweet word and every attractive gesture to sweep your precious heart away. Don’t worry about whether keeping your heart guarded will push the person you are interested in away. If he/she is the one God sent, they will not go anywhere. Trust that God will honor you if you honor Him and in due season your guarded heart will be busy loving the person who God desired for you to be with. Until then, enjoy your life and most of all love God.