Eternity. It is definitely something that most people do not think of everyday. Some even choose not to believe in its existence. I believe it is because everything we do is measured in time. We use it to decide when to wake up, when to go to sleep, when to arrive to work or school, and even determine when it is appropriate to have the privilege of drinking or driving based on it. We try our best to manage our time well, but often it passes without us even noticing. Women get anxious if too much time has passed if they haven’t reproduced or gotten married. People who are incarcerated sometimes obsess over time, as the passage a particular amount of time determines their freedom. Time is the currency of life. If spent well, one can live richly, enjoying the passage of it without regret. However, if spent unwisely, one can live his or her latter days wallowing in despair. I can personally say that I have both made the most of my time as well as had years of time that I honestly felt was completely wasted. Although I wish with everything that I am that I could get that time back or at least make up for it, the only thing that I can really do is reflect on it and place even more value on the time I have left. Time is a strange thing, as it is something treasured when it passes, and many wish to be able to get it back once it is gone away. I remember in my teen years, I wished it would hurry up and pass quickly so that I could make my own choices as an adult. As an adult, I have often wished that I could go back and redo my time spent as an adolescent. Time can sometimes be spent frivolously on our lazy days. I have see days go by with me just watching television or surfing the web. The time passes by so quickly it makes me wish I had better spent it. One thing we can all agree on is that once it is gone, there is nothing we can do to bring it back….(end of snippet)

(From the author behind the pages)This is the first portion of the introduction to God .Rage. Eternity. I chose to open it with a discussion on time because it is in fact the currency of life. In order to approach the subject of eternity, one must first explore his/her understanding of the concept of time. I have noticed in my own life that when I think of eternity, it is hard to grasp the concept due to the limitations that time has placed on our ability to understand. There are so many people that are unable to fathom the next 20 years of their lives. When I am explaining eternity, I want the reader to be able to face the difference of 20, 30, 60 or even 1000 years and then look at eternity. Even 1,000,000 are just a small amount of time when you look at eternity. I truly believe that everyone needs to take the time to think back, back to being a child, back to those times when you thought even 2017 was a lifetime away. So many of us go through life, day after day, year after year, never realizing how quickly it all passes. Using this concept, one can easily feel the urgency of eternity. Just like what seems like a few years back has been 10-20 years, today will one day be the same way. We have to be able to view time as a precious entity that won’t be around for much longer. Whenever that moment comes, when the clock ceases to exist, we will have to stand before a Holy God who is able to measure how we spent each moment of each day. He will not look at how many friends we have, or how many followers on social media we have. He won’t even measure our lives on the accomplishments that we have made or awards that we have been given. He will look into the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Are you prepared for eternity? Order your copy of God .Rage. Eternity today!!