Has there ever been a time in your life when it seems that things are going wrong? Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, everything seems to just fall apart. This can sometimes seem overwhelming, being that many of us try everyday to overcome the obstacles that we face. As Christians, we are taught to stand on the Word of God, and that He will always come through for us. However, there may be times that we pray, we don’t receive answers, we cry out to God and we can’t feel Him near. I remember last year around this time,that’s how I felt. I was facing homelessness and having trust In God that He would come through. It hurt my heart to see things stay the same in spite of all of my crying, my tears, and my pleas to God to make it better. I was very discouraged. What I came to understand is that in trusting God, we have to trust His process. Everything that we go through is building our character. Many times we feel that it is time for something to take place. God knows that if it comes at the time we desire, we will not be able to experience the full joy of the Lord. Sometimes it takes the pain, the fear of not knowing of what is going to happen, the obstacles to make us stronger. We need to experience changes in our life in order to appreciate God. There is a song that I used to sing when I was younger called “Be grateful”. The lyrics are so beautiful. My favorite lines are “God desires to feel your longing. Every pain you feel, He feels them just like you. But He cares too much to let you feel only good, so you can appreciate the good times.” I have learned to use these lyrics to comfort my aching soul whenever I am going through a storm. During a storm, I will be the first to admit that it is easier to wallow in the sadness than it is to claim the victory. The fear I felt last year with facing homelessness was so overwhelming that it kept me up at night. I was so scared. In being that way, I was ignoring or really shrinking the power of God in my life. There is a story in the bible that tells us about Jesus during His ministry. He went to His hometown and was doing His Father’s business by spreading the gospel. The people of that region who saw Him grow up and knew His biological dad said things like “Isn’t that the carpenter?” They belittled His ability to do great miracles because they thought that they knew everything about Him. For this reason, The bible states that Jesus was unable to do miracles in that city because of their unbelief. Many of us have that type of situation taking place in our lives. We believe that we know God and if He doesn’t answer right away, it means He is saying no, when really He is saying “wait for me. Be encouraged. No matter what you are going through, God will come to you and heal you. Just make sure that you have the expectation. Expectation is the breeding ground for miracles. Trust God.