In dealing with fake friends many times over, I am extra cautious about letting people get close to me. To allow just anyone in your life to take the role of a friend is not wise. I learned that the hard way. There were so many friendships that I started with people unbeknownst that they had such terrible hearts. Many of the time, I befriended people that I worked with. Due to the fact that we seen each other up to 5 times a week, it was easy to think that these people meant me well . I foolishly believed that we were all in the same boat. We all worked hard, shared our fears and accomplishments together most of the time. However, some of my greatest fall outs with friends were former co-workers. You learn that many times when you are in the same boat, people don’t want to see you do greater in life. When you try to do something different, they are quick to believe that somehow you think you are better than them. Anyone who knows me truly understands that this is very untrue. The love and kindness that I show everyday in my positive attitude, friendliness, and compassion for those around me is who I am. I don’t have it in me to be spiteful and deceptive towards people who I call my friend. I think that it’s too much energy that people put into being two different people. Think about it, when you are “fake” with your friendship, you have to be close to that person. Close enough to find out their deepest secrets and most sacred feelings. Then you have to put energy into going to others to spread that information and talk against them. Many times you have to double back around to inform them of what people are saying about them (so that you can seem like a good friend). On top of that, you have to pretend to be innocent if you are called out on your artificialness. Many times when the truth behind fake friends is exposed, they cause even more drama by pretending that you are the problem when in truth the problem lies within themselves. I don’t know what it is that makes them seek out to betray those who trust them the most, but it obviously is something that is broken inside of them that needs to be fixed. I cried many tears about fake friendships until I begin to understand that truth. What is inside of them hates what is inside of you. Because they are the sneaky snakes that they are, they look at you as if you are that way. Beloved, how we are inside shapes how we view the world. So instead of being hurt and angry with them, I decided to separate myself and pray for them instead. If you are reading this and the same thing is happening to you, know your worth. Letting the wrong people in your life will drain you, and even if you know in your heart that you have not done anything to them to warrant their hate and maliciousness, you feel determined prove your innocence. The problem with this line of thinking is that 9 out of 10 times, people know exactly who you are. They don’t even believe the lies that they spread about you. However, the greatness that God has created in you intimidates them to the point of no return. They will do anything to dim your light so that they shine brighter. This is not your problem to fix, and honestly, this is not your battle to fight. The beauty of being a child of the most High God is that He will fight for you. The bible reminds us that NO weapon formed against us will prosper, and every tongue that rises against us will be condemned. Those words should bring us comfort in knowing that God has our back. Eventually the comfort that was found in God led me to let go of all the negative friends in my life. God has brought new friends that really have my best interest at heart. I even began a new job with many co-workers who are a blessing in my life without any question as to whether their motives are pure. God has turned everything around for the better and it’s only because He loves me so much. I know if He did it for me, He will do it for you. Keep smiling love. It gets greater later.