Have you ever been going through a difficult point in your life and felt as if you were going to explode? Sometimes life can feel that way to me as well. Kids not acting right, family feels like it’s falling apart, life as a whole just being a burden in every area. I have been to the point where I felt as if nothing was going right. It was truly one of the most frustrating and scariest times of my life. About a year ago, I felt like everything was positioned against me. I had to stop working because of an internship that was required in order for me to graduate from the OTA program that I was attending. I figured that because God had allowed me to make it this far, I would be able to pay my bills with my savings, make it out of school, and find a good job. It went really well the first 5 months but then everything took a turn for the worse. As my monies begin to run out, I feared that I would lose my home or my car. I made it to graduation and had unexpected fees come up for licensing and paying for the boards. I even ended up having to wait a longer than expected time to take the boards (praise the Lord that I passed them) and then I had to wait even longer to get my state license. In the midst of it all, I was starting to fall behind in the bills. I kept thinking “God please open the doors, Lord please help me.” I ended up going to agencies to help with bills and rent, to no avail. Nobody wanted to help me. I looked for jobs everyday, many of them never even taking the time to call me back, numerous jobs emailed me rejection letters because of my lack of experience. I was desperate and afraid, alone, with no help and my only hope being God’s provision for me. I truly did not know what the solution to my problem was, but I knew that I needed Him. Sooner than later, I received notice of a job that was available about 1 hour away from home. I called and emailed the recruiters and happily accepted an interview request. I prayed and prayed. It went well. A few days later, they told me that they wanted me to join their team, and a couple of days after that I took the drug test. But it was another long wait, due to the fact that I had to wait for a drug test and a thorough background check. I was devastated because of the fact that it meant that I wouldn’t have monies for rent as soon as I thought that I would. Unfortunately, all I could do was wait. I waited and waited and the background check cleared. My landlord of 6 years had begun to call as the rent was now about a month late. I wasn’t worried because I knew that my monies would come in as soon as I started my new position. Finally they called me in. I was so happy. I went to work, only to discover that orientation for this field of work was only about 2-4 hours per day, maybe 2-3 days out of the week. This type of monies was not enough to help me to pay the past due rent. I had received help from a church for the funds that i needed for electricity, but rent could not be covered. Soon, after the first 3 days of work, I found out that my job had no available hours for me. So here I was hired, with no job to go to. This drove me into a panic, in which i called every available building within our corporation even as far as 2 hours away to ask for work. Nothing seemed to be available. I didn’t know what to do. By then the landlord was demanding that I move out, and I had nowhere to go. I prayed and cried and asked God for help. I called and talked to everyone I knew was in the Lord and petitioned for prayer and answers. I asked God to reveal to me what was going to happen. Soon, I heard a small voice say moving was necessary. I rebuked it. I did not believe that a loving God would make me and my children move out of a home that we had lived in for so long, when I was truly placing my trust in Him to help me. But I was wrong. I ended up moving all of my things into storage and moving in with my brother. He and his wife welcomed me with open arms, but inside I was devastated. I didn’t know what God was doing. To top it off, jobs within my company (however far away) begin to call to schedule hours for me. I had to drive 2 hours from my brother’s home to work. He and his wife in return would transport my children to and from school. It was really rough for me. I prayed earnestly for answers. One of my coworkers helped me to contact someone who could help me with scheduling jobs. Money was coming in better now, but I had no place of my own. I was so tired from the driving and exhausted from the stress. My family was very loving, but I was constantly praying and asking God why He had to move me. Around the holidays, God blessed me with a better position with less travel. I was still frustrated as I didn’t understand the pattern of Him providing a job with no place of my own to live in. I accepted it. I prayed I cried and I tried and tried to find a place to live. One day after church, I came to a place and spoke with the landlord who was very kind. He was very happy to give me the opportunity to live on his property. The home was everything that I dreamed of, in a great neighborhood, with good schools. I was very excited. However part of me wanted to doubt. God had an answer the next day and it was yes!! Finally, I had my own place, I could even move in within a few days. I have been living here for a while and it is absolutely perfect. God has blessed me beyond my biggest dreams and He is propelling me forward. My message is simple. I really want you to know that God has you in mind. Keep trusting Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. No matter how hard it looks, just keep going. You are gonna make it!!!