We’ve all had those days that we just don’t FEEL like praying. I mean, anyone who is a Christian can agree that we ALL need to pray but it doesn’t negate the fact that sometimes it can be tiring. Especially we single parents who have jobs, schoolwork to check, dinner to cook, houses to clean, clothes to wash, and the list goes on. People say pray in the morning, but it’s hard when you wake up with so much responsibility. You have a job to go to, you have to make sure the kids eat, shower and get dressed. You have to make sure you look presentable for work and you can’t be late. Many of us say a hurried prayer as we rush out the door or as we drive away from home. Prayer journals may not seem too convenient and forget about getting in a closet in the morning. It takes up too much of our time. Then, when we finally get off work, we have so much to do. We have to get the kids, buy groceries, cook, clean, shower and go to bed. Perhaps we have had a long day at work. Maybe the kids have gotten into trouble with school or came home cranky and we have to deal with their attitudes. There are so many things that can go wrong in a day’s time.

Beloved, it is understandable that all of this may be relevant to your every day life. However, I have to say that prayer is the answer to all of those problems. In taking the time to talk to God, you are placing Him in the situation and when He steps in, all things fall into place. God is a fixer of our problems. He is a way maker. In taking those extra minutes to talk to the Creator of the Universe, you are taking a very necessary step in solving every problem in your life. Even though it is true that you must, you may still be waiting for me to give you the answer to your problem of not wanting to pray. Here are a few tips.

1.) Take 5 minutes

I am big on the fact that getting to work on time is important, so I may not have 30 minutes to pray in my closet as it would make me late to work. So that’s when I suggest one should take 5 minutes in the morning to pray. It may not seem like or feel like much, but it establishes a routine that will become a habit if you let it. In doing so, you will find that you will feel a need for it every day. That may drive you to waking up earlier and earlier so that you can steal away extra moments for God. He will draw you to Him and 5 minutes will become longer and longer as you commit time to Him.

2.) Make the sacrifice

Push yourself to create a time no matter what. As soon as you get up, just get into your closet and begin your prayers. Take your prayer journal to work with you so that you can write them down and stay on track on when you prayed, what you prayed for and how it was answered. You may also work or go to school with people who are in need of prayer and because you have your prayer journal with you, you can add the prayers in right then and there. Also you must remind yourself that God will reward you for the sacrifice made. He knows that it is hard for you to do prayer so faithfully and He will bless you for all that You do for Him.

3.) Get yourself a prayer partner

Accountability is something that goes a long way when it comes to any type of commitment. Get a friend or sister or brother in Christ who will call you in the morning and remind you to pray and that you can do the same with. When you have someone who is in it with you, you can motivate one another to do what needs to be done. I can personally testify that when another person is in the paint with you, you will work harder to achieve your goal.

4.) Get back up again

Sometimes we fall short. It may be a day when you are oober busy and you forget to go into your closet. Perhaps you don’t open your prayer journal all day. After making a commitment and falling short, you may be discouraged because you didn’t do “your best”. That’s okay. JUST GET BACK UP. Start your next day with prayer and keep going. We are human and things come up. He will restore you if you just refuse to give up. Ask God to help you to be faithful and keep going. He is going to bless you. Just never give up on your prayer life and the power behind it.

5.) Have fun

Prayer is not a chore. It is intimate time spent between you and the Father. When we are in relationships with the opposite sex, we want to spend as much time as possible with that person. We want to call them all the time and see them as often as possible. God feels that way about you. Even though He knows how your day went, He wants to hear about it from you. He wants to hear about all of your troubles, your fears, and your needs. You should equally be enthused to do so with Him and that takes time. Looking at the prayer journal and closet like an unfortunate obligation will limit how much you want to participate in that activity. Think about it like talking to your best friend and you will get a smile on your face just thinking about it.

Above all, trust God and ask Him to help you to grow in your prayer life. Much prayer equals much power. Little prayer equals little power. We absolutely and positively MUST PRAY ALWAYS.

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