The bible is the word of God. It is something that is essential in the life of a believer as it gives us direction in our lives. Although many believe that the writings are ancient and irrelevant in this time, it is alive. The scriptures deal with the inner man and the thought patterns as well as actions that should accompany the believer. Now the expectation of the pattern of behavior is lower than ever before. That is undeniable. The widespread logic of this world is to do whatever makes you happy. People don’t consider the word of God to be the standard set to live by, they are constantly seeking different views on ways to live. When one meets someone who literally takes the Word of God as true, it seems very strange to most, sadly even amongst believers.

I spoke about this in my book God .Rage. Eternity. There is a way of living in the world of believers that is below the standard that God has set before us to live. It has been accepted and taught to believers and even though the Word of God is different from the standard, people live it happily. It is very common to see professing believers to have premarital sex. Some believers are practicing homosexuals and adulterers. There are ministers who regularly get drunk and party just as much as unbelievers. They don’t live the Word of God and they rely heavily on His ability to forgive them even though they have not taken the time to really seek Him to help them. Believers hold grudges, they gossip about one another. They are vindictive, they look down on those that are not accepted in their social circles. Believers compete with one another, not looking for God’s approval, but seeking the approval of man.

Unbelievers who meet people who profess Christianity but commit such acts, it drives them away from the faith. I have met and talked many who have questioned the Word of God and questioned the value of faith because of believers who commit these sins yet still claim to be a child of God. It is a grave tragedy that projects such a negative light on the faith that it breaks my heart. God has made a way through His son Jesus Christ for us to be reconciled to Him, but in disobeying His Word and disregarding salvation, we hang Christ on the cross all over again. Being obedient to His Word is so important.

Spending time in God’s Word places us in a true perspective of who God is and who we are. The trouble with sin is that it is deceptive in nature. One can truly believe that they are doing pretty well in their walk with Christ but the sin inside of them has blinded them to how far off track they are. When you read the stories of people who have walked with Christ and done many miraculous things in Him, you are able to see that we need Him very desperately. It’s in the word that we find our hope in His ability to change us from glory to glory into what God’s complete and perfect plan for our lives is. The word is a helper in our walk in Christ.

So do you have a regular regimen of reading the word? If not you can download the Youversion app. It has many different versions of the bible and has creative plans geared towards whichever area of your life that you need help in. It also contains plans that help you to be able to read the entire bible in a year or even 90 days if you have the commitment to do so. You can connect with friends and start reading plans together so that you can become more accountable to reading your word more often. It also has reminder cues that you can set to remind you at certain times to read you word. As you commit the time to God, He will help you to be able to complete the task you set out to do. You can start in the Book of John and read all the way to revelation. Let God lead you in the direction you need to go in today. I promise you that you will not regret it.