He created a class in her. Not that she wasn’t classy before she met him, but his style, his standard of living birthed a new woman inside of her. She found herself taking the time to pay attention to the smallest details about herself. In her life prior to him, there was so much to do. There was never any time to notice her skin wasn’t as soft as it was before. Many times after showering, she would just have enough energy to peel back the covers and go to sleep. Now she valued her over priced age regenerating lotions and different creams that she applied to her face, elbows and feet twice a day. She had standing appointments each week in one of the best salons in the region. “Baby, take care of yourself cause I love every part of you.” He would whisper it to her in his deep voice whenever she called to check and see if he was okay with her purchases that she made for herself. She had gotten so comfortable with going without that she felt guilty for spending anything on her own well being. This was something that she often kept to herself and prayed that it would go away soon.

She had always dreamed of living in an area that she could be proud to talk about, and he brought her that almost immediately after she agreed to become his woman. One day when they were riding down the street on the way to a lunch date, he pulled over at a gorgeous 2 story home with huge wooden columns near the immaculate front door. She looked at him, hesitantly and before she could ask a question he stated, “lets just dream a little, babe.” She smiled and got out of the car and ran to the front window. When she noticed the reading nook through the huge window, she squealed with delight. Running to the next window, she peered into an open kitchen and living room floor plan. It was exactly how she wanted her dream home to be! She noticed the fireplace with a huge mantle. This beautiful home was something out of the magazines! She looked to him, and noticed that he opened the front door. “come on babes,” He said and smiled. She cautiously moved towards the front door and walked in. She peered around the corner and saw that he was gone. She sauntered through the home, admiring all of the rustic looks and the amazing vaulted ceilings and suddenly came to French doors that seemed to be illuminating a blue light. It was a huge pool with a waterfall! Across from the beautiful pool was a huge hottub. Looking closer, she realized he had taken off his clothes and was inside of it! “BABE! GET OUT OF THERE! WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS??” she whispered loud enough for him to hear. “Ours,” He smiled. She shook her head, then noticed that his smile was genuine. Her heart melted as she ran over and kissed him deeply. He was her every dream come true.

Her life with him had been perfect. There were times she literally wanted to pinch herself to see if what was in front of her was real. Her friends envied her, her kids loved him, everyone could see that he was in fact God’s gift her. Well almost everyone. Her sister felt quite different about her beau. Recently, at the house warming, she quoted scriptures about marriage during the prayer. Rolling her eyes, Joanna knew that God knew her heart and that every good thing comes from the Lord. Of course, Sagar was her good thing. No matter how many times her sister rolled her eyes, no matter how many times she reminded her of “the necessity of obedience” and blah blah blah, she would not allow her to ruin her happiness. The kids were doing much better in school (in a much better school district) and had made many friends. Things were right on track as they should be.

Rubbing her temples, she recalled how quickly her life had changed in the past year. From the time Joanna laid eyes on Sagar, she knew that he was someone who had the capacity to change her life. Every time she saw his face, she knew he was the one for her. Who really cared about a wedding ring or vows, or anything that her sister used to discredit his true intentions for her. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” is something her mom would say all the time. She whispered that to herself as she walked into her office that morning. The phone rang and she thought again about blessed she was to have this life she was living. As the phone stopped ringing, she settled into her desk, only to hear the phone ring again. “Daretocare Counseling” she stated. “Mrs. Magneil? This is Sandy Elite calling from Antiqua Elementary. We are calling about your daughter Abigail. There has been an accident and we need you here right away.” Her heart raced as she stammered a response. “What happened?” She could hardly remember to breathe. “It’s your daughter ma’am. She was on the playground and fell…and…” The school nurse hesitated she breathed heavily into the phone. she continued. “She fell and is now unresponsive. We need you to come right away.”