Joanna was stunned at what she saw. Sybil mustered up all of her strength as the Pastor and Ontel entered the room, with the prophetess and Paula close behind them. “What is going on???!!!” Paula screamed as Sybil gathered her composure. Fixing her muffled hair and smiling, she turned around to face the group. “Mrs. Magneil is mad, mad and screaming.” Joanna stood shaking her head in disbelief. A doll, the size of Abby and dressed exactly like her laid on the bed. Joanna looked as if she had seen a ghost. She looked from the Pastor back to Sybil and then back to the Pastor. “I think we need an explanation on what is going on, Sybil.” The Pastor stated walking towards the bed. Sybil looked confused. Straightening out her clothing, she regained her composure. “We make doll, like Ms. Abby. We pray for her.” Sybil pointed towards the candles which were all in disarray. Some of them had stopped burning. The prophetess grabbed Joanna and held her close in a hug. She positioned her mouth very near to Joanna’s ear so that the others in the room would not hear her. “This is what I warned you about baby girl. Please pay attention and keep your composure. These are dangerous people. Losing your composure like this WILL cost you your life.” Ontel stepped in close and as the prophetess released her from the hug she gave her, Joanna looked in Ontel’s direction. “Are you okay?” He looked at her directly in her eyes and then pulled her close to him. She could feel his heart beat through his chest as they held each other. “I’m okay Ontel. Thank you.” Colton put his hand around her as well. They all just stood there. Paula interjected. “It looks like voodoo. Why would anyone think that this was something that would be necessary?” The Pastor spoke up. “We have to remember that this is a different country entirely. Everyone doesn’t pray the same as everyone else and that’s okay. Sybil is one of my best ministry leaders. She would never wish harm on anyone, let alone your precious baby girl.” Sybil nodded and then headed over to the candles and begin to pick them up. “I pray for her. I pray for little brave girl.” Joanna looked around and then headed towards the door, grabbing Colton’s hand as she did so. In her heart she could see clearly that she wasn’t going to get a truthful answer and she was so disgusted that she didn’t care to stay around such blatant deception and lies. One question kept ringing in her mind. How is it that they knew exactly what she was wearing?

Everyone filed behind her and they made their way back into the front of the house. Walking towards the front door, Ontel grabbed Joanna’s hand. “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m with you.” She smiled and they headed towards the garage. “We need to get to the place where they hold the auctions. If we don’t get there in time, Joanna, I’m afraid that she will be gone.” They all headed into the garage. As they headed in, they noticed another SUV parked inside. The Pastor looked completely puzzled. “Let’s all get into the van.” They all piled into it as the Pastor put the keys into the inition. The van stuttered then started. He began to back out of the garage. In the driveway was another SUV that wasn’t there previously. Joanna wondered when the extra guests had pulled up. With a home so big, it was hard to tell if these were regular vehicles used by the staff or actual visitors. They got to the end of the street. Joanna began to get a bad feeling. Quietly, she leaned over to the prophetess. “I feel like we are being played.” Nodding, the prophetes cleared her throat. “Where exactly are we going?” Joanna asked. The Pastor put an address inside the GPS. He looked into the rearview mirror to see Joanna’s eyes. “We are going to be there within an hour. They began down another dirt road and headed in the directions as voiced on the GPS. They rounded the corner of a dark street. Suddenly, they heard screeching breaks. Joanna and the rest of the group turned their heads towards the back of the van. Bright lights approached closer and closer. “We got company.” Ontel stated. He pulled something out of his pocket. It was a gun!!! Colton leaped out of his seat and into his mom’s arms. “Please don’t shoot around my baby.” She stated. Ontel squinted his eyes as he watched the activity of the truck behind them. “You need to speed up Pastor.” The Pastor slowed down instead. “What are you doing?” Paula screamed as the van began to slow down. The truck behind them slowed down as well and they pulled over on the side of the road. “Pastor, I don’t think this is wise.” Paula stated. The other truck left the lights on as they came to a complete stop. Ontel angrily moved towards the front to get to the Pastor. He was clearly enraged. “Pastor, please, I’m asking you not to put these people in danger.” The Pastor stared straight ahead. As Ontel approached closer, the Pastor reached over into his pocket. HE pulled out a gun as well and pointed it at Ontel. “What are you doing Pastor???” Paula shouted. Joanna pulled Colton closer to her chest and cried. “Lord please protect us. Please God don’t allow us to die like this, please God.” The Pastor spoke with authority. “Get out of the van!! All of you!!” They were all too stunned to move. “NOW!!!” He stated the last words and chills ran down Joanna’s spine. They all began to slowly move towards the exit doors. The Pastor quickly unfastened his seatbelt and kept the aim of the gun towards them.