Joanna sat there in mid thought, trying to swallow what was just stated. It was one thing for Sagar to have planned to hurt her for hurting his business. However, it was quite another to not only violate her child and then try to kill her. She was completely baffled. She stood up as she saw the prophetess and her sister move as if they were exiting. Suddenly, everyone came together in the room and surrounded Joanna, causing her to look back and forth at what was happening. They encircled around her and Colton. “Bow your heads.” The prophetess stated in a voice, full of authority. “Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we come to You today on the behalf of Joanna and her family. We ask You oh Lord to strengthen her. Fill her up with supernatural energy and discernment Lord. Help her oh God to overcome fear and guilt. Keep her safe from those who would delight to do harm to her. God, go before us to Mexico….” As she stated the destination, Joanna’s heart raced. MEXICO??? She felt instantly that this group of people had truly lost their minds, as well as their focus. She needed her baby girl back. She didn’t care about whether Sagar got caught or convicted, in fact, if she had to choose, she would grab her two children and run until she couldn’t run anymore. As they finished the prayer, Joanna grabbed Ontel’s arm. “Mexico!!” she whispered. He looked at her and stated “Absolutely. That is where Sagar is taking Abby.” Joanna swung him around as he stated that. “What do you mean, take her to Mexico? I want my child!!! How will he get her out of the system in order to do that?” Joanna let out a huge gasp of air and flung her hair. The prophetess got right into her face. “Do you understand what is going on here young lady?” Joanna lowered her voice and elongated her response “I JUST WANT MY DAUGHTER. I’M NOT ON ALL THIS INSPECTOR GADGET MESS.” She put her hands on her hips and stuck one out. The prophetess smiled and then stepped closer to her. Joanna was ready, defensive as she knew that an argument was about to take place. The prophetess stepped in and gave Joanna a long hug. It felt good, like a mother consoling a child. She spoke to Joanna saying, “I know that you are scared. You use your attitude as a defense mechanism to hide the fact that you are afraid. You don’t have to be.” Joanna stopped swaying inside the hug as she listened, for the first time with her heart to what was being told to her. She held the prophetess tighter as she felt calm return once again to her spirit. She started to cry, feeling helpless but feeling protected and understood. The prophetess continued, “We don’t want to have to take you into this situation, sweetie but we must act fast as we are sure Sagar’s wife is soon to deliver Abby to him so that he can take her to Mexico to be sold.” Joanna snapped out of her peace and lept into full gear. “Where do go first?” Ontel stepped in. “They should be working their way towards the border. No whether they are driving or not, I don’t know. I just know that this little girl is in grave danger and every moment is getting closer and closer to us either catching the guy or being lost in even where to begin to search for Abby.” They begin moving towards the garage as Ontel jumped back into the truck. Joanna was holding Colton’s hand as she slid into the back seat. The prophetess slid in next to her. She looked at Ontel through the rearview mirror as he backed out of the garage. Her sister and the pastor were in the second row of seats. Pulling out her cellphone, Paula begin entering directions to the highway. “No,” The pastor stated. “I have my private plane that we can take. It will be much faster and less noticeable. You have to remember Ontel, that they know this truck and are probably looking it up right now. Ontel nodded and headed towards the airfield. Joanna begin to shake, first a little, then violently. without a second thought, she pulled out her Louis Vutton purse and grabbed a couple pieces of gum. Handing one to Colton, she waved the package around for the rest of the crew who declined. Suddenly, the prophetess stated, “I will take a piece.” Joanna handed it to her. Ontel flipped on the radio in time to hear the news reporter, “We are now alerting the entire area to be on the lookout for Jonna Magneil and Colton Armstrong. Suspect is considered to be very violent and unpredictable. If you see them, please contact law enforcement. As the radio announcer was completing the story, Joanna lost it. “What!!! Now I am a fugitive!!” She begin to cry all over again. Calmly, the prophetess placed her hands over her. “All things are possible if you just believe.” Joanna shook her head and then stated, “What does that mean?” The prophetess smiled and stated, “If you believe that God is able to save Abby from this situation, then you should expect results. Don’t just waiver back and forth in your prayers. God is able to do all things but fail.” Joanna wiped her tears and squeezed the prophetess’s hand. The pastor stated, “All of the accusations from DCF are a ploy. They are to pull you away from your children long enough to get them out of the country. With so many of them working together, we are better in the sky than to be on this road for hours to come. I thank God that I have outreach ministries in Mexico that can help us to find this young baby. I have forwarded pictures to all of them, some of them are coming out of some pretty grimy places so they all understand the importance of a good time frame. They have been told to get her at all costs. If they catch her and are able to escape, then that’s fine. However, if they are met with force against them, they are told to purchase her with monies.” When Joanna heard “sold” she was in shock. She tried to keep her composure for a little longer. She knew that now was not the time to be sobbing and weak. She had to be nothing but strong for her children who had been through so much. As they arrived to the airport, the Pastor pointed out guards who pointed towards the SUV then back to them. Suddenly, they were being ushered into a hangar. As they came out of the truck, they were shoved into the airplane. “Now remember, keep your eyes open once we get to this country. There are tons of crooked politicians and people ready for an opportunity to make some fast cash.” They got into the lush leather seats and relaxed. Soon servants were coming from the back of the airplane with drinks and deserts. “This is how Pastor’s live” She stated, smiling at the non alcoholic beverages that were being handed out. Ontel reached over to Joanna and handed her a card. It was an ID of a lady named Roberta Johanson. “What’s this for?” she asked, confused. “We have to be ready to be searched and we can’t possibly try to go in using our true names. This part of Mexico is Sagar’s playing ground and he has even the highest government officials on his side.” Joanna was more scared as the conversation went on. Soon, they were in the air. The prophetess looked at her sternly and stated, “Joanna, I must warn you that this experience is going to hurt you to see, especially being that you are a rescuer of such women, but our number one mission at this time is to get your daughter back.” Joanna looked confused then nodded. What in the world was going on in Mexico for her to have warned her in that manner?