Joanna couldn’t help but let out a dry chuckle. It was crazy enough to conceive that this man was capable of running a sex trafficking ring, but to add on that he is part of some crazy occult. She looked around and saw the looks on the prophetess and her sister’s face. She shook her head and slowly allowed the smile to fade. Wiping her face and continuing to shake her head, she let out a sigh. It was just too much. She looked over in Colton’s direction and watched her son interacting with Ontel and the Pastor. Suddenly, she thought of something. “How did you guys end up with Colton?” Her sister smiled and stated, “Well, you can thank Ontel for that. Once we found out from Abby’s school what was going on, Ontel decided to go by his school and pick him up during his lunch hour.” Looking in Ontel’s direction, Joanna noticed his physique. He stood about 6’3 with broad shoulders. His wavy hair was always freshly cut. His smile was one off the cover of magazines. He looked up as she stared, causing her to quickly turn away. She shifted in the chair and looked back at the prophetess who had a puzzled look on her face. “Mrs. Joanna, you are very distracted. I need you to be focused.” Joanna rolled her eyes. “I just need to get my daughter. I mean, you guys get me here to talk about some type of satanic foolishness, but nobody is worried about the here and now. RIGHT NOW my daughter is with DCF. They are probably looking around for my son, who is supposed to be going in their custody but you guys took him from school, which don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for, but now I won’t be able to move around anywhere. They probably will be placing an Amber Alert. I’m going to be all over the news.”
Joanna ranted about how the world would know her face after the news plastered it all over. The prophetess took out her ipad and begin scrolling. She picked up the ipad and showed Joanna the screen. “Is this who has your child?” Joanna’s mouth opened as she nodded yes. “Rebecca is the high priestess of the cult. She is Sagar’s wife.” Immediately, Joanna felt the last blow to her poor heart. She was stunned. She felt heat rise to her throat and she wanted to vomit. “So not only am I a fornicator, but now I’m an adultress.” Her hands begin to shake and she just wanted it all to be a lie so that it wouldn’t hurt so bad. She was foolish. She placed her children in danger and she allowed herself to be in a position where her daughter was with people who intended her harm. She stood up and felt faint, causing her to nearly fall to the floor. Noticing her disorientation, her sister ran and go her a cup of iced water. The prophetess stood up and then walked over to Joanna who was holding her hands over her head. “Joanna, breathe.”she stated. Looking bewildered, Joanna let out a roar that startled everyone present. She cried out to God and stated, “Lord, I’m so sorry…Lord please HAVE MERCY!!” Her entire body shook as she slid out of the chair into the arms of the prophetess who held and consoled her like a little child. Patting her back she said, “God forgives. God is merciful. Don’t be dismayed.” Joanna screamed a loud cry and tears poured down her face. Ontel began to walk over with the pastor behind him. Colton pushed past them and ran to her side. He got down on his knees and begin to pat her back. “Don’t cry ma,” He stated. The prophetess leaned into her ear and whispered. “God has forgiven you, beloved. Don’t allow the enemy to hold it over your head. There is freedom in Jesus. Walk in it.” Joanna felt a surge of peace fill her heart. She smiled through her tears. “every little thing, is gonna be alright.” Colton sang. Joanna laughed and kissed her son’s cheek as the room begin to fill with laughter. Joanna looked to the prophetess who was still kneeling in front of her and said “Thank you.” She smiled. “Thank the Lord. To Him be all the glory. He is the One who provides us with the peace. His mercy endures forever.” She got up off her knees and sat back into the chair as Paula returned with the ice water. Ontel placed his hands on Colton’s shoulder as they walked back towards the other room. Joanna felt relieved as she drank the water. She felt the cool liquid go down her parched throat. Sitting the glass down she asked, “Why would she allow her husband to sleep with me? Did she know that we were together?” The prophetess nodded yes. “Joanna, these people are not the type to be concerned about fidelity. As a matter of fact, they have only one motto. Do whatever makes you happy.” The saying sounded so familiar. She remembered where it was from. “Isn’t that on a Fruit loops commercial?” The prophetess nodded again. “This satanic cult is something that many don’t think exists but it is hidden in plain sight. Commercials like that provide the satanic motto to children without attaching it to it’s evil source and becomes popular and almost regarded to as innocent. Even those who spend their lives in churches are unable to grasp the reality of how much satan’s concepts have become common place in society.” Joanna looked at the prophetess holding her hand up to silence her. “I believe that what you are saying is true. But what does that possibly have to do with why this man would target me? My daughter?” Joanna thought about how lonely she had been prior to meeting Sagar. She had been desperately praying for God to send her a man. Could he pick up on that? Was this ‘cult leader’ able to pick up on her desperation? Another tear fell from her eye as she asked, “What is the meaning behind all of this Prophetess?” She looked Joanna deep in her eyes and stated, “Beloved, it’s your For Girls Like Me foundation.” Joanna didn’t even connect that to him. However, now it made perfect sense. For girls like me was her safe house for young ladies who were at risk. Many of these girls were victims of physical abuse at the hands of family members and caretakers. Some of them were even sexually abused at the hand of trusted family members. Her foundation had houses around the country and had recently been growing to provide help to young ladies who were former victims of sex trafficking. Before she could verbally share what she was thinking the prophetess chimed in, “Perhaps some of those girls were formerly with his ring. It seems he may have revenge in his heart for you taking away his money.” Joanna thought back to when she had met him. She had recently opened her 21st of now 72 safe houses in America. She remembered the number because it was the combination of her favorite 2 numbers 7 and 3. When she was a child, she learned that 7 meant completion and 3 was God’s divine number. Those numbers were always near and dear to her heart. Sagar had been at the ribbon cutting ceremony and the moment she saw him, her heart skipped a beat. He was tall, so handsome and his skin glistened under the sunlight. She’d noticed him right away as he was noticing her. As she and Stacey had stood awaiting the speeches by the Mayor and other women’s organizations who were present, she saw his smile and was mesmerized. His eyes scanned her from head to toe and he licked his full lips. Suddenly she felt Stacey’s tap and looked to the Mayor, who was motioning for her to take the stage. Sagar smiled and looked towards the ground. He knew he had caught her eye. Immediately after her ribbon cutting, he swooped in like the hawk that he was. His assistant, Leron, came to her and smiled. “Joanna, right?” She nodded, unsure of who he was. Stacey stepped between them and smiled. “Hi, I’m Stacey Broadwater, her assistant. Is there anything we can help you with?” He looked at Stacey and grabbed her hand, kissing it gently. “My name is Leron Knight. I am the assistant of Mr. Sagar Vechello. He is a huge fan of your work in the community…. and across America for that matter. In hearing that you would be in the area, he insisted that we make the 7 hour drive to meet you here for your wonderful ceremony. Stacey smiled, then attempted to usher Joanna away while simultaneously motioning to her security team. Leron smiled, then stepped back holding his hands up. The security guards stepped in, as Joanna noticed Sagars smooth walk through the commotion. He wore an Armani suit and his swagger demanded her full attention. He smiled as he approached the security and spoke in his deep, inviting voice. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to alarm the beautiful ladies. I just wanted to tell her how much I admired your work Ms. Magneil.” Joanna stepped between two of the tall guards and allowed him to pull her hand to his perfect lips and kiss it. Her heart seemed to alarm with all types of electricity as he released her hand and pulled something out of the inner pocket of his suit. One of the guards quickly pushed her back as he reached for a gun. In return, Leron reached for his as well. Frightened, Joanna took a few steps back trying to avoid whatever was coming. Sagar was unmoved by the weapon and chuckled a bit. “Man, I’m not even on that. I was just attempting to make a donation.” He extended his arm with a what appeared to be check. Her head guard reached for it, and upon examining it, turned to hand it to Stacey. Her eyes widened as she looked at it, then she looked from Sagar to Joanna as she handed her the check. Leron leaned over as Sagar motioned for him to lean his ear to him. Joanna looked at the check. $15 million. She was taken aback. “Are you serious?” Stacey asked. He finished whispering and Leron spoke. Mr. Vechello is the owner of Admire Marketing and Admire Consulting Company. He owns an NFL team and is partnered with Nascar. We don’t write checks as jokes. Sagar handed his business card towards the guard and looked past him to Joanna. Her eyes met his and she was instantly pulled in. She stepped closer to retrieve the card and at that moment only she and Sagar stood there. “I admire everything you do,” he croned. “I would love to get to know more about you, if you are willing to give me the chance. Let me know if we can meet while you’re here, or if you are traveling, please, name the place and I will meet you there. I just want to know you.” With that, he was ushered away by his own security detail and Joanna was speechless. From that moment on she was hooked.

Just thinking back to that made her angry. What a grand way to make her fall for him. ALL OF IT WAS CALCULATED. She was shaking inside. The Pastor stepped in and stated, “We have to be on the move. It’s only a matter of time before they attempt to murder the girl. Joanna was startled at what she had just heard. Was he really planning on murdering her child?