Joanna’s heart felt like it stopped as she realized that this situation couldn’t have gotten any worse. She looked over to Ontel’s face, which was cold and menacing. “Ontel….please….” He slowly moved his eyes towards Joanna’s frightened face, and slowly began to lower his gun. Sagar’s eyes glared as he realized the interaction between the two was more intimate than he would like. The man behind the partition lowered his gun and smiled maniacally. “You guys play nice back there!” He allowed the partition to rise again as they all looked at one another. Sagar kept his hands up as he began to talk. “Look, I know that I have never been a perfect man.” Joanna rolled her eyes. She thought about the fact that even a week ago, she would never have imagined those words coming from his mouth or anyone even assuming that perfection was far off his radar. She was so in love with him. Even thinking about how blindly she had jumped into this love affair with him made her feel stupid. How could she not know who this man was that had lain next to her every night? He cleared his throat as he looked directly into Joanna’s eyes. “I love you. I know that you don’t believe me when I tell you that but i do. I never ever meant to hurt you nor Abigail.” Joanna let out an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. “However, I haven’t been completely honest with you about my past, about my family…about….” He shook his head and looked down towards his feet. He finally lowered his hands and wring them together. He took a deep breath and continued. “My father is over the Order of Excellence.” Joanna leaned in towards him, curious and anxious to find out the truth finally. He continued. “I grew up in a home where seeing people high on crack, meth, or heroin and performing orgies was a Tuesday night. My mother was a madam and my father was a pimp. By the time I was 12 years old, my father had linked up with the mafia from Mexico and was shipping girls from the United States to Mexico and other countries. As I got older, the ages of the young ladies became younger and younger. My father always tried to groom me to become his successor. I wanted to become a business owner of a legit business, and my father would often beat me and harass me about my hesitation about taking over his horrible business. I didn’t want any part of it. In retaliation for my hesitation, my father took my first girlfriend and turned her out. He and his business associates promised her monies to engage in sexual activities with her and she took the bait. In one night I went from thinking i would elope at the age of 17 to wanting to commit suicide.” His voice quivered as he held his hands even tighter.” Joanna started to say something negative, but she decided against it. If he was going to tell her the truth, then she was going to allow him to vent as much as he needed. He swallowed his spit then continued. “I ended up achieving my goals in spite of my father’s determination to force me to do things his way. Eventually, with all the girls that they were transporting, some of the workers were getting sloppy and the feds started closing in on my father. He in turn came up with the brilliant idea of the church to hide his true nature. As he gained popularity with the Christian population, he became nearly untouchable to the police and FBI. People would rather be on his payroll and look like good guys themselves than to do the right thing and arrest dad and his people.” Joanna asked, “well how does all of this affect me, and where does this lead to where Abigail is?” He hesitated then continued. “My father learned about your foundation because one of his group of girls hat he promised a very prominent movie producer to was rescued by you. The backlash that he received cost him about 2 million dollars and many Hollywood clients that were bringing him in a lot of money. Once he began to lose his most prominent clientele, he set his heart out to destroy you and everything that you have. This was unbeknownst to me. However, he went to great lengths to make sure that your building permits and business ventures landed you close to me so that he could personally destroy you. One day when I was visiting him, he ended up mentioning you and sending me to contribute monies to you so that we could meet. Once I saw you, I knew that you were the one. I was taken aback by your beauty and charm. It didn’t take long before I realized that I loved you and wanted to marry you. My ultimate plan was to take you and the kids away from the US and build a life away from my father and his turmoil. As things kept progressing between us, my dad took an unnatural interest in every detail of your life. From experience, I thought that he had some plan to try the same thing he did in my teenage years to my girlfriend. I avoided him more and more, not knowing that he had already found another way to find out your life.” He looked at Paula who was looking as if she had seen a ghost. Shaking her head no, tears fell from her eyes. “No!! I AM NOT THE REASON THAT MY NIECE IS MISSING!!” She threw her hands up in the air and cried. Sagar cried with her. His face looked so sad and forlorn. “I’m sorry…so sorry. But it wasn’t anyone’s fault. My father is a master manipulator and his interest in you was only so he could get closer to Joanna.” Joanna got angry all over again. None of this was making it any easier for her. She still had not heard a logical explanation for her daughter accusing him of molesting her. “STOP IT!! JUST STOP IT!!” Joanna had heard enough. “You are a liar Sagar and let you tell it, you are innocent and everyone including my sister is responsible for my daughter missing. That is ridiculous!” He looked to her and back to her sister. “I never touched Abigail. I would never touch her in that way. But it’s more to the story than just my dad being over a sex ring and having a personal vendetta against you….he also is a satanist.” At this statement, Paula looked as if she would shoot him if she could.” Joanna rubbed her temples and shook her head again. She opened her mouth to speak, but then thought about the little makeshift doll she had seen in Mexico. It all made sense at once and not in a good way. He grabbed Joanna’s hand and looked at her with eyes red and swollen from crying. “I will get your daughter back Joanna. But it’s gonna literally cost me my life….”