Joanna’s anger filled her entire being at just hearing his voice. “HOW COULD YOU???” As Sagar looked at her his eyes widened with surprise and sadness mixed together. Joanna grabbed Colton close and continued to yell at the top of her lungs, oblivious to anyone else being in the car. “I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING, I TRUSTED YOU!!” She yelled so loudly that Colton grabbed her closely as she clinched him so hard that her hands hurt. Ontel gently reached out to touch her, grabbing her for a quick moment back into the reality of the small space in the car, the other people around her. She took a deep breath and released her death grip on Colton who was visibly shaken. Her body physically shook as she tried to gain composure and sit back in her seat. Sagar opened his mouth to let a word out, then paused. Nobody spoke. “We will get nowhere yelling at one another, ” The Prophetess spoke. “WE DON’T HAVE TO TALK!!!” Joanna roared. Her sister reached out to console her as she again tried to sit back. Her anger was so powerful, she looked completely out of her mind. She sat back and then scooted forward and did it again. A tear fell down Sagar’s cheek. “I am so sorry Joanna. This is not supposed to be going this way. I am so sorry that you are going through this.” Joanna thought a second about throwing something at him. “I don’t even wanna hear your voice. My life is over as I know it. I am now a wanted woman because of you!!! You have the audacity to place my child in the hands of your “wife”!!! You are lucky I don’t have a gun right now, or your life would be mine!!!” Sagar sat up at her last words and looked back and forth in the limo. “What do you mean my wife?” Joanna let out an exasperated sigh. She looked down again at Colton who had began crying out loud and she felt sick to her stomach. Why was she allowing this man to make her react this way? She allowed her anger to fade and her motherly duty kicked in. “It’s okay baby,” She whispered in her son’s ear as he held her closer. Ontel looked at Sagar with pure hatred. “Well, you obviously have our ear. What is it that you wanted so badly to share with us? As a matter of a fact, why don’t you start with where her daughter is.” Sagar continued to look bewildered. “I don’t know what you are talking about. For starters, I never took her daughter. I would never hurt anyone. There has been a huge misunderstanding and I was hoping to give some clarity to my innocence. He leaned over as if he would reach for Joanna who was completely tuned into Colton. Paula interjected. “Don’t you DARE try to hurt my sister any more than you already have!!! She doesn’t need your sympathy or fake love. All she needs is to know where you have hidden her daughter.” Sagar shook his head again as if confused. “I DON’T HAVE HER DAUGHTER.” Joanna glared at him and shook her head in disbelief. The prophetess sighed and then stated, “Sagar, we need you to state the truth and let us know what our next move needs to be. Your father has already informed us that your wife is the woman responsible for bringing child abuse charges up in order to gain possession of her daughter without her knowing.” Sagar shook his head again. Tears freely fell from his face as he looked around the car at eyes that hated him. He clasped his hands together as if to pray and then closed his eyes and laid his head against his hands. He let out a sigh that evolved into a roar. Ontel’s face turned into a scowl as he sat next to Sagar. The prophetess leaned closer to Sagar and placed her hands over his hands which were clasped together. “Son, let it all go. We need to understand the truth behind all of these lies and the confusion. Please, let your pride go, think about her precious little girl and how much pain she is in not knowing where she is. Sagar’s shoulders dropped as he reached into his pocket.Ontel reached for the gun again, cautiously as Sagar reached and pulled out a handkerchief with his initials embroidered on it. He took it out and wiped his face, revealing red eyes. He wiped his nose, which was also reddened by the irritation. He looked slowly at the Prophetess and swallowed his tears. “I never meant for this to happen.” Paula chimed in, “You keep saying that but what do you mean? Tell us something for Joanna’s sake.” Sagar looked at her and then back to the prophetess. “My Father is not who you think he is.” Ontel sat up quickly as if he was about to hit him. “Don’t try to blame this on your father. Tell us the truth!” Joanna looked at Sagar as he shook his head again. “I am telling you the truth. My father, the pastor is not who he says he is!! I should know my own father!!” Paula yelled out. “He is my PASTOR!! I KNOW THE MAN OF GOD AND I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TRY TO PIN ANYTHING ON HIM.” Sagar let out a dry laugh and straightened up his Brioni suit. ” Of course, he’s your ‘pastor’. Of course he is. You people have not learned anything even though you spend years in these extravagant churches listening to wolves in sheep’s clothing who are living double lives right in your face. He shook his head again as if in disgust. “He told us all about your sex trafficking scheme, Sagar. That’s why you have taken my niece to sell her on the black market.” Sagar sat up and looked at Joanna with alarm. “Wait, are you telling me that my daddy has your daughter?” Ontel reached for the gun and then pulled it out. “No!!!! You lying piece of….” He paused and looked over to Colton. He lowered his gun and then grabbed the collar of Sagar’s shirt and pulled him right to his face. “You better tell us where this little girl is or…” The prophetess spoke up. “Let him speak his truth. Don’t you realize that he is trying to tell us what we need to know. Your accusations and defense about the why behind it is interfering with the truth being revealed. Please Sagar, tell us what it is that you know.” He looked at Ontel and pulled his hand from his collar. ” As I was saying, my father is not who he says that he is. He is in fact, the leader of the sex trafficking ring. This ring goes back about 4 generations in my family. My dad has connections with rings all over the United States and around the world. He is a billionaire, and has multiple identities, one of them being a pastor. I suspect the woman he was so quick to lie to you about being my wife is his own wife. They are playing a mean game on you.Which is why they have killed the pilot who helped you to get out of his planned murder and disposal of all of you.” Everyone looked in shock. Paula looked at him with disdain. “My father is a murderer. He has killed thousands if not more. I am so sorry Joanna.” Joanna wept loudly and shook. “JUST TELL ME WHERE ABIGAIL IS!!” She shook as she cried out every tear her heart could spare. “Please….” Sagar looked at her intensely but said no words. Enraged, Ontel raised the gun again and cocked it. Then he placed it against Sagar’s temple. “TELL HER NOW!! I SWEAR I WILL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT AND THINK ABOUT HEAVEN LATER.” Sagar laughed as the partition lowered and revealed a shotgun yielding man. “No you lower your gun before everybody dies.”