The car sped up as they continued to yell and disagree about where they should go. Suddenly, Ontel’s phone rang. He looked from person to person as it continued to ring. “Don’t answer it..” Joanna said to him cautiously. She thought about all the possible people who could be tracking his phone at this very moment. “Now is not the time to fear.” The prophetess stated. “We have to lean on the promises and assurance that God has given us. We will get this baby girl back and IT SHALL BE WELL.” Her authority made Joanna snap out of the fear that had overtaken her. “Prophetess,” Joanna stated, “What do you believe God is saying for us to do?” She smiled at Joanna and then looked at each person as they waited in anticipation for her answer. Her smile faded as she looked at Ontel who was holding his ringing phone in his hand. “Answer it,” She stated. Ontel looked at Joanna, as a tear fell from her eye. He looked back to the Prophetess who nodded, and slid his finger across the screen to answer the call. “Hello,” he stated. Everyone was so silent in the limo that you could hear them breathing. He looked back to Joanna and then talked back into the phone. “There is no way that we are gonna be doing that!!!!!….WHAT!” His voice filled the entire car. Colton moved over to where Joanna sat. She grabbed him close to her chest and rubbed his head. The prophetess smiled again. Motioning to Ontel, she reached for the phone. “No prophetess!! This is….” Before he could complete his sentence, the prophetess held the phone up to her face. “Where do you want us to meet you?” Upon hearing this, Joanna grabbed Colton even closer. She looked at the prophetess, who hang up the phone. Leaning over, she tapped on the partition. “Driver,” she stated. The partition lowered. “Take us to 2417 Nova Street.” Joanna looked bewildered. Ontel looked angry and leaned forward in his seat as he screamed out, “Prophetess, I believe you are hearing from God on some matters, but this is crazy! How is it that we are putting this young lady and her child in danger?” Joanna looked at Ontel. “What is it that you mean, putting me in danger? How?” She got angry right away. Ontel looked back to the prophetess. “Tell her that you are putting her in danger and tell her why!!!” The prophetess did not change her expression. She looked at Joanna and said in monotone, “We are heading to see Sagar.” Joanna couldn’t believe her ears. The anger seethed through her veins so much so that her hands were clinched. “What do YOU MEAN GOING TO SEE SAGAR?” Her voice shook as she felt Colton grab her closer in his own fear. “Prophetess, he is the reason all of this has happened. How do you know that he is not waiting for us with guns, or called the police to inform them that the ‘person wanted in the amber alert’ is coming to where he is? He could easily make it very hard for us to ever get baby girl back.” The prophetess listened, yet didn’t respond. Paula leaned over and grabbed her hand. “Woman of God, I trust you very much. You are a true servant of Christ. Now I must admit, many things that you have done in the past have been peculiar, but not as much as this particular move. Now I am a true believer, but I don’t see how going to visit this man is something that can have any good come out of it. His own father warned us of his danger, and we have yet to find out what type of harm he was doing to this little girl.” The prophetess still did not speak. They turned down a side road and then came to a stop. Ontel moved forward in the limo and banged on the glass. “Driver keep going. Please don’t stop at this address!” The driver lowered the partition and stated, “we’re here.” They looked around and noticed that they were in the business district. They didn’t notice any police cars, really no cars at all. There was a light illuminating from the building that they were in front of. Joanna looked back at the prophetess and held Colton closer. “Prophetess, what if he kills us? Nobody will know where we are.” She leaned close and spoke gently to Joanna. “God will not place us in a position that He has not already made a way out of. He has already informed me that this is what we must do. Do you think that I just came up with this information on a whim? The entire trip, I have been praying and asking God what it is that we need to do in this situation. His hands are all over this mission. I want you not to trust me, but to trust God. We will be safe.” As she stated the last part of her sentence, Joanna noticed Sagar’s guards come out of the building. Moving quickly, they rushed over to the car. Frightened, Joanna looked down at her hands, which were trembling. She said a quick and silent prayer as they opened the door. Ontel moved to the door to open it, when suddenly Sagar was ushered into the car. His smooth caramel skin glistened under the car light. His curly waves were moist, and his face looked as if he hadn’t shaven. Ontel moved over as he slid in and Joanna could see that he had his hand near his gun. It made her feel more secure. Pure Rage filled Joanna’s heart as she looked at the face she once adored. He closed the door behind him and motioned for the driver to take off. Joanna yelled out, “What are you doing?” Sagar looked around, as if he was being trailed. “It’s not safe for us to meet here. We have to keep driving.” Joanna tried to hold down the urge to punch him in the face. As the car pulled off, all of her fears intensified. “I know that I am not the person that you want to see, Joanna, and I apologize for the pain I have caused you in your life. But there is something I must reveal to you at this time.”