The woman came from the back. She held her hands out and slowly walked towards the man with the gun. “Ricario, please. You DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS!!” He swung around, then grabbed her arm. Ontel backed up with his hands and backed away. “What do you want from us?” Ontel asked. The captain and Physician’s Assistant both did the same. Looking around, Joanna grabbed Colton and placed him behind her back. Ricario stepped closer with the gun to the woman’s head. As he approached closer, he pushed her over to where everyone else was standing. The woman yet out a yell as she stumbled into the pilot. Walking closer to the group, he looked at Ontel. “You guys have no idea who you are dealing with. All you had to do was to GO ALONG WITH THE PLAN!!” Ontel stepped forward with his hands still in the air. “Please, you don’t have to do this. Especially not now. If you care about the Pastor, then let us fly over the border and get him some help in America.” The man laughed. His massive belly shook as he cackled maniacally. “You think that you can just fool me into putting the gun down by trying to make it seem like you are concerned for the Pastor’s well being? You obviously are the reason why he is in the condition that he is in now!! You don’t care ANYTHING ABOUT HIM! YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELVES. JUST LIKE AMERICANS!!” His faced was distorted in a visible anger that looked demonic. Joanna closed her eyes and began to pray. The Prophetess stepped close. Paula tried to grab her arm, but she snatched away. “You will NOT SHOOT!” Her voice rose with an authority that caused everyone to look at her. The man stepped back, almost as if he was in fear. “The blood of Jesus is against you.” Joanna shook her head, in shock of how this woman somehow believed that telling this man about the blood of Jesus would stop him. She rolled her eyes and then caught sight of Ontel, who was inching closer to the man. The man looked confused, first pointing the gun directly at the prophetess then, lowering it as if he had just had an epiphany. “The Word of God tells us that ‘No weapon formed against me shall prosper.’ God is with us and for us. You will not win! I plead the blood of Jesus against you.” Ricario opened his mouth as if to protest what she was saying and then shook his head. Joanna gasped as she realized that these words that the prophetess were using seemed to be physically affecting him. She began to recite “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” Ricario looked panicked from person to person, his face in complete horror and visible stress. He backed up, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead. His thick eyebrows were raised as he tried to wipe the sweat away. Joanna continued in her tarrying “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. Colton and Paula joined in. Ricario was in full panic. His knees begin to tremble. He looked confused and the shaking became uncontrollable. He made a growling noise then fell to the floor. The gun went sliding towards Ontel who picked it up. Aiming the gun at Ricario, Ontel stood over his crouched body. The Prophetess stepped between them. “Go, in the name of Jesus, get off this plane and never return!!” He stood up and ran towards the exit. Ontel, who seemed confused himself, followed close behind. He stood at the door and looked down, smiling a little as he looked down. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise as if a truck was starting. “He even took the truck that held the ramp!!” Joanna looked at Colton who was smiling from ear to ear. “Ma, God is good!” They all broke into praise as they closed the door and secured the plane. The captain looked at the prophetess and took off his peaked cap. In tears, he looked the prophetess in her eyes. “Ma’am (his voice shuddered) I just want to thank God for you. You have really renewed my faith.” She nodded then pointed towards the sky. “All praise belongs to God. He gets all the glory.” The captain smiled through the tears then made the statement.
“I consider what you did an act of God Himself. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please.” She smiled and nodded. The captain smiled back and said, “Everyone please take your seats, we are scheduled for take off in 25 minutes.” Joanna praised God even more. She bent down and hugged Colton and walked towards the prophetess. “I have never…” she paused. She could barely get the words out of her mouth due to being overwhelmed with emotion. She tried again. “I have never seen anything like that in all my years of serving the Lord. That was amazing.” The prophetess leaned towards Joanna’s ears. “God has so much planned for you. For you operate in the same gift. You just have to get more of Him.” Joanna stepped back in astonishment. “Hurry everyone, take a seat and prepare for take off, ” The other woman stated. “I am Robin, I am Pastor’s personal flight attendant.” She motioned towards the seats. They all sat down and put their seatbelts on. They soon took off. Joanna replayed the events in her head. She thanked God over and over again during the flight. To see something so unbelievable made her faith in him. “He is holy, He is holy.” She kept saying it over and over. Colton laid his head on her lap as she stroke his thick wavy hair. Tears fell from her eyes as she repeated the statement over and over again. Colton began to cry as well. The entire plane was thick with the Spirit of God as they flew through the air. Spontaneous “Hallelujahs and Thank You Jesus” praises filled the air. After a few hours, the captain announced a landing. Joanna felt a peace that she had never felt before. Her life was changed by this incident. She thought to herself, if she made it out of this alive and free with her daughter safe, she would be baptized the same day. Ontel was the first to stand and stretch once the plane had landed. Looking over at the Pastor who was still on the makeshift bed with the IV in his arm. The Physician’s Assistant had sat near his bed the entire time, reading the bible. There was a distinct feeling of peace all over the plane. They landed without incident. “Dr. Monroe has arranged for medical transport to take Pastor to the hospital immediately from the runway.” Mya stated. “Thank you so much, ” Ontel stated. He smiled and shook her hand. They heard the ambulance coming and Joanna shuddered. All this time, she hadn’t thought about the fact that she still had to face the police about Colton’s whereabouts, and maybe even more, if Sagar had anything to do with it. She reminded herself of what the prophetess had said. “If you’re going to pray, don’t worry; if you’re gonna worry, don’t pray.” She felt an ease fill her mind as the doors were opened for the ramp to be attached. The paramedics came up almost immediately, hoisting the pastor onto a gurney and taking him back down the stairway. Ontel walked over to Joanna. “I know you don’t want to talk to me, but we still have to figure out our next move.” She looked from him back to the prophetess and noticed the captain about to leave the plane. “Captain,” the prophetess stated. He stopped in his tracks. Stepping in her direction, he removed his shades and smiled. “Yes ma’am.” She smiled. “We seem to be in the need of transportation. Is there anyway you can point us in the right direction?” He nodded then motioned for them to exit the plane. Joanna grabbed Colton’s hand and moved towards the exit. “My car service will take you wherever you need to go ma’am,” The pilot stated as they exited the plane. As they reached the ground, a sleek black limo pulled up. “You have a limo service?” Colton asked. “Cool!” Joanna smiled shaking her head and they all piled in when the driver opened the door. “This is first class service for a pilot…” Ontel stated. The pilot nodded. “He will drop me off at my place and the car is yours.” They drove to the prestigious neighborhood in silence as the car whirled through the streets effortlessly. Joanna began to wonder what the next step could be. All she wanted was to get her daughter back. She couldn’t believe things had went so wrong so fast. As she pondered, the car came to a stop. “Looks like this is my stop.” The Pilot stated. He gathered his briefcase and his coat, then hesitated for a moment. “If I were you, I would get out of town as soon as possible. Once Sagar finds out about his father, he is bound to come looking for you guys. And the limo service is loyal to the mighty dollar only.” He smiled and climbed out of the car. The partition rolled down. “Where to?” They all looked at each other. “Just head for the highway and go east.” The driver nodded then pulled away from the curve. “Where are we going?” Paula asked. “To a hotel, I’m beat,” Ontel stated. “We won’t be safe at the hotel!” Paula shouted. Joanna chimed in “I won’t be safe anywhere there are cameras.” They all began to chatter. So much that they didn’t hear the pilot shouting and waving for the car to stop, or hear the gunfire that took his life.