Joanna ran over to where the Pastor lay. Ontel, in a fearful state yelled louder, “PASTOR!! ARE YOU OKAY??” There was still no response. Suddenly, the door opened. A tall African American man was standing there in a pilot’s uniform. He ran over to the group and looked back and forth to each person as he kneeled down to check the Pastor’s pulse. “We are gonna need to get the medical staff team together and get him some help.” Ontel looked around and then back to the uniformed stranger. “What medical staff? We are in the middle of nowhere!” The pilot pulled a phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. “Yes, what’s your location?”… he looked around and then motioned for Ontel to grab the legs of the Pastor. “Ladies, move towards the plane. Let’s get him on it.” Everyone moved towards the plane as the door opened up. Three people dressed in similar uniforms waved them into the door. The woman standing in the front yelled out to them. “The doctor is not on yet.” Exasperated, the pilot displayed frustration in his face. “We need you to handle it yourself then!” The woman looked confused and then ran deeper into the plane. They hoisted him up the ladder and into the airplane. Joanna was the last to climb aboard. She looked around inside the plane. All of the staff were uniformed. The young lady that the pilot had indicated needed to “handle” the Pastor was busy hooking up an IV and shouting to others around her to bring medical equipment. Ontel looked on in fear. “Where did he get shot?” He asked, panicked. Everyone continued to bustle about, not answering his question. Ontel paced the floor of the plane and then looked back again to where the Pastor laid. “WHERE did he get SHOT?” His voice stopped everyone in the middle of what they were doing. They all looked at him surprised. “Shot?” The woman stated, she continued to set up a needle as she spoke. “He is not shot. He has suffered from a vasovagal attack.” Ontel looked at her astonished, then scratched his head. “can you explain that in layman’s terms?” The woman took a deep breath. Smiling she said, “He fainted. Pastor has a heart condition. More than likely, he was very frightened, which caused his blood pressure to drop which induced the fainting. Usually he has Dr. Monroe onboard to help him if such a thing happens but since we all were preparing to have a few days off, the Doctor is spending time with his family in America for the next several days….” She sighed then begin placing the blood pressure cuff on his arm. “Apparently, as the physician’s assistant, I won’t be spending any time with mine.” Ontel looked to Joanna who had a blank stare on her face. She placed her hands on her hips and looked back and forth at the staff who was moving around, attending to Pastor. The prophetess was in the corner, praising the Lord and praying out loud. Her sister held Colton close, and seeing tears flowing down his eyes made Joanna cry herself. She had no idea what she was doing. If she went back to the United States, who knew what would await her. The fact that the news had announced her as a person of interest in her missing son, she was deathly afraid that she would be arrested on site. Seeing her tears, Ontel stepped closer to her.”DON’T!!!” Joanna screamed. “Don’t you DARE COME CLOSE TO ME!!” Ontel was taken aback by her sudden outburst. He tried again to step closer to her. “You have caused enough pain!! Stay away from me!” Ontel cowered back. He reached out towards her and then stepped back. Sensing the animosity, the Prophetess chimed in. “We must go back to America. The Pastor will be just fine.” Joanna looked at her and back to Colton. She opened her arms and he ran to her. “I know that you have been shaken by what has taken place over the last few hours, but I want you to know that God’s promises are true. You will be able to overcome this mess. We will get your daughter and regain your life.” Joanna nodded, then looked over at Ontel who was visibly shaken as well. Paula chimed in. “Prophetess please, let’s pray for the well being of my niece and for us not to fall into the hands of the enemy.” They held hands and began to speak in tongues. The physician looked to Ontel. “My name is Mya. I work for the Pastor. May I ask why you thought that he may have been shot?” The pilot spoke up. “He shot a gun at Pastor. This man is very dangerous. Ontel looked at him fearfully. “I am not dangerous. I am just looking for answers. We were wrestling for the gun and it fired. I have no reason to try to hurt the Pastor. We are just trying to get back to America.” They both looked at him.”He’s telling the truth!” Colton yelled. The pilot looked over to the nurse. “We need to make sure that we can get to Dr. Monroe, so I guess flying back to America is the best thing that we can do. He will be able to help you Pastor.” The Pastor moved his head and then remained motionless. “I agree. Let’s clear this plane for takeoff.” The nurse stated. There was a shuffling from the front of the plane. Everyone turned towards the noise. First the woman peeked around the corner and then the male uniformed staff member came around. He held a shiny gun in his hand. “I am only going to say this once! This plane is to stay here!!”