They drove in silence for about 20 minutes. The sound of gravel under the van became louder and louder as Joanna replayed the new information in her head. She couldn’t believe that the Pastor was Sagar’s father.”How do you expect to get past my team?” The Pastor asked. “There will be the security team as well as my flight crew that will be on alert if we show up with a gun to my head.” Ontel looked concerned, and Joanna caught it. “Pastor, we just want to get back to America.” Joanna stated. IF you are truly trying to protect us from your son, just allow us to go back to our own country where it will matter if we end up dead. The Pastor let out a breath of exasperation. “You guys are really uninformed. My son has people on the payroll who rank as high as the White house. Trust me, if someone were to kill you for him, it would not make 10 o’clock news.” Joanna shook her head and begin to cry. “Turn left” the GPS voiced over the speakers. “Stop the van” The prophetess voice surprised Joanna. She looked into the rearview mirror into Ontel’s eyes for assurance, and he nodded yes. The van came to a slow stop on a corner. Just ahead, Joanna could see the lights coming from the airport. She put the car in park and tried to turn towards the Prophetess who sat directly behind her. Suddenly, she felt a hand coming across the seat. She jumped, realizing as she did that it was the prophetess attempting to grab her hand in agreement for prayer. She reached over to the passenger side to grab Colton’s hand. He grabbed her hand and reached over the seat to join hands with Paula whose other hand was interlocked with the Prophetess. “I’m good,” Ontel said with a glare as he continued to hold the gun towards the pastor and the young lady. “Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we come to You on behalf of this beautiful young girl. Lord You know where she is, and who is responsible for her disappearance. Lord I ask You to shine light on the truth. Expose the truth behind what we are facing and who we are truly up against. Show us Lord what to do and most of all God, cause us to be VICTORIOUS!!” Her hands shook as she spoke about victory. Paula begin shouting out praise, “Yes God, Move God, Expose Lord!!” A peace filled the van. Joanna peeked over at Colton, who had a tear falling from his left eye. Feeling encouraged, she smiled and begin to chime in with the prayer. Hallelujahs filled the van, then it was suddenly light. Joanna opened up her eyes and looked around to a bunch of confused faces. “The Lord Has Spoken.” The prophetess stated. His light will lead and guide us and it will expose the work of the enemy. Joanna looked from her to Paula, who was looking excited. “what did I miss?” Joanna asked out loud. “The prophetess’s face looked stern and convincing. “You didn’t miss anything. Joanna you have to understand that we serve a true and living God. Living means that He is capable of answering prayers. Do not be discouraged. He has sent the confirmation that He will go before us and He will be the One to fight our battles. Joanna looked around at everyone who was in the prayer circle. They all looked to her with a slight smile, which created a new sense of hope inside of her. “Where do we go now?” She asked. “To the airport, just as we planned.” The prophetess said. “…But what about the guards, what about the flight crew?” She didn’t understand how things could’ve went from unsure to certainty with just a short prayer. “Do you trust God Joanna?” The prophetess asked. “I do…I mean, I want to…” Joanna stammered. “Then start the van and let’s go!” Joanna sighed, then leaned over to start the van. She glanced in the rearview mirror once again and looked into menacing eyes. The Pastor, unaware that she was looking at him, looked as if he was possessed. She shuddered, then felt the soft touch of the prophetess on her shoulder. “Do not be afraid.” She pulled the van back onto the small road and headed in the direction of the airport.

When they arrived at the airport, the landing strip was deserted. There were no security guards or security dogs at all. Joanna pulled up near the plane and placed the van in park. Looking around, she felt scared and confused. “Is this a set up?” She asked. The Pastor scoffed, then the prophetess spoke. “God has gotten us here safely and allowed the enemy to abandon ship long enough for us to get away. Thank You Jesus!” She exclaimed. Joanna was relieved but felt a bit insecure about how they were going to fly as well as whether the security team was really away. The Prophetess stated, “Honey, we prayed so you shouldn’t worry. But if you are going to worry, why did you even bother to pray?” Joanna smiled, then nodded at her sister who was famous for stating that phrase. She opened her door and motioned for Colton to do the same. They all filed out, with Ontel being last as he was still pointing his weapon at the Pastor and the young lady. “what now??” Paula asked. “I mean praise the Lord for allowing us to get here but it looks like even the pilot has taken the night off. How are we going to get home?” They looked from one to another. The Pastor spoke. “You guys are making a mistake!!!” His voice permeated through the silent air hanger. “They are going to sell your daughter into the sex market and YOU WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN!!” He was outraged. Joanna had never seen the Pastor in such a fit of rage. She wondered what they should do, then begin to wonder if she had in fact,made the wrong choice. Lord knows she didn’t want to abandon her daughter if in fact she was here. Suddenly, they heard scuffling. The Pastor, in a quick instant, decided to wrestle Ontel to try to get a hold of the gun. Ontel, being much younger was able to keep control of the gun, but not without it firing into the night. From far away, they could hear the dogs howling as if one of them had been shot by the stray bullet. “ONTEL!! ARE YOU OKAY?” Paula and Joanna stepped towards where he and the pastor lay. The young lady took the opportunity to run, darting away as if she was a championship runner. “Let her go!” Ontel shouted. He reached over to Pastor and asked, “Are you okay Pastor?” There was no reply.