They all moved towards the exit door as the Pastor exited and hurried to meet them at the door. Ontel whispered to them, “I have my gun. When we go out, everyone just listen to him and follow his instructions. That will distract him while I make my move.” Joanna nodded, holding Colton’s hand as they exited the van. The Pastor’s usually kind face was distorted and evil. Just looking at him made her hold Colton even closer to her. He stepped up to her face and spoke menacingly. “You just couldn’t leave well enough alone. And for that, your daughter will surely die!!” Joanna cowarded at the tone of his voice. Ontel exited the van, pulling out the smooth Desert Eagle .50 caliber and pointing it at the Pastor. ” I thought you were a man of God, I trusted you.” He stated in a quivering voice. The Pastor spun around, then lowered his own revolver. “Now Ontel, you know that I don’t want to hurt any of you. It is all a misunderstanding.” Ontel edged closer with the gun pointed directly at the Pastor. “There is no ‘misunderstanding’ here. You are trying to force us out of the van at gunpoint and then you tell her that her daughter is going to die.” The Pastor stepped back and looked at Ontel, who began looking back and forth to see who was in the car behind them. “Get out of the van!!” He yelled at the driver who had pulled up a few feet behind them. The door opened and Joanna saw two hands up in the air. The Pastor spoke up, “I am so sorry. I WAS TRYING TO PROTECT YOU FROM HIM!!” The pastor threw his gun to the ground. “Please, please get to the vehicle behind us before it’s too late.” They turned and noticed the driver of the other van a few feet away. As she approached with her hands up in surrendering, Ontel motioned for her to join the group. “Check her pockets Joanna.” Joanna stepped close to the woman who was visibly shaking. Her dark straight hair blew in the wind. She smelled like Juicy Culture perfume. Joanna grabbed her and spun her petite frame around. Patting her all the way down, she noticed the lady was crying. Ontel reached down and grabbed the Pastors gun. He placed it in his pocket. He aimed the gun at the pastor and grabbed him close, backing up to examine the van the woman had drove up in which ended up having no passengers. Joanna sighed relief, thinking that someone was waiting to shoot Ontel. She could hear the frustration in his voice as he spoke to the pastor when they arrived back to the group.He shoved him in the back and the pastor stumbled, standing closer to the group. “Why??” Ontel roared. “BECAUSE!!! He is going to kill you if we don’t hurry.” They all looked around at each other puzzled. Ontel raised his voice again. “This is not making sense, and I am tired of the games. Either you tell us what is going on PASTOR, or we are leaving you here for whomever you are saying is going to hurt us.” The pastor stuttered and stepped back again. “He’s going to kill us.” Ontel motioned for everyone to move towards the van they had just exited. The Pastor put his head down and looked at the ground. “HE’S MY SON….” Joanna spun around and looked at the Pastor. “Who? Who is your son?” She asked.. “GET IN THE VAN!” Ontel shouted. Joanna backed up as the rest of the group hopped back into the van. Colton however, stepped back towards Joanna “Mommy, please.” She was startled by the fact that her son had called her mommy. She looked deep into his eyes and back to the Pastor. “Son, I have to know what is going on. Your sister’s life depends on us knowing what we are up against.” The Pastor lifted his head and looked at Joanna. “Sagar. Sagar is my son….and he is going to kill you all if you don’t follow my instructions.” Ontel cocked the gun and started edging towards the Pastor. “You mean to tell me that this man is your son? You have placed us all in danger and left out the fact that he is your son? What kind of sick game are you playing?” The Pastor turned his back to the group and sighed. He lifted his big hands and covered his balding head. He looked off into the woods as if some hidden answer lied there for him to discover. “ANSWER US!!” Ontel yelled at him with an anger that made Joanna jump. Slowly, the Pastor turned around and looked at them, tears filling his big brown eyes. He looked tired, as if he had not slept in days. Joanna was so confused. This man is the father of Sagar. Why hadn’t she known this after all this time. “I never wanted to hurt you guys. But if I didn’t take you out of the city, he would’ve killed you to prove a point… I’m trying to help you guys.” Ontel scoffed and shook his head. The woman who was driving the van finally spoke up. “Please, he is telling you the truth people.” Her accent threw Joanna off. She sounded more as if she was from New York than a native of Mexico. Paula spoke up next “If you were trying to help us, you would’ve let us know this information long before we left the country, long before we were lead to this area to be shot by you and YOUR SON. You are not trustworthy Pastor. I don’t know what the game is but I hope you understand that we are not falling for it. You need to tell us everything that you know about what is truly going on.” The Pastor’s eyes were full of tears. Something in his face looked like he really had the potential to hurt them. Joanna stepped back in Ontel’s direction. “Let’s just get out of here. If he really is Sagar’s father, there is no telling what they were going to do to us. We are not police officers. We don’t know what type of evil plot they are trying to do out here in a different country.” The pastor shook his head no and stepped closer. “I didn’t want to tell you that he was my son because I thought that you guys wouldn’t trust me because of it. I am truly a man of God. I want to help you because I know how dangerous my son is. I only held a gun to you guys because if I didn’t get you out of the van, you would have been long ago caught by my son. Sybil probably has already called him and alerted him that you are suspicious of him.” Ontel pushed Joanna back towards the van and pointed for her to get inside. “Why would Sybil be working with your son? Pastor this is not making any sense.” The Pastor shook his head and put his arms up in frustration. “The doll, Ontel!! She was practicing black magic with the doll. That can only be coming from my son!! Don’t you realize that he has enough money to corrupt even ministers? If she had that replica of Joanna’s daughter, then she is somehow connected to his plan. Why would she be in Mexico praying over a voodoo doll? It doesn’t make any sense!! That’s why I got you guys out of there that quickly. It’s because she is connected to him. I knew that we needed to disappear and it would take too much time to explain why so I panicked and grabbed the gun. Please listen to me and switch vans. I don’t care if you even left me here. Just don’t leave in the van that she can identify and tell my son about. Your blood would be on my hands.” Joanna looked from the Pastor and back to Ontel. She was completely confused. The Prophetess climbed out of the van and spoke up. “We should listen to him and switch vans. At least we would be in something they don’t know. Either way we need to make a choice as this is wasting valuable time.” Joanna stepped back further as she saw lights approaching from behind the Pastor. Ducking down, they all watched as an older model car turned the corner towards the dirt road in the distance. “Let’s just go,” Paula stated. She was shaking and crying. Joanna realized how this must’ve been affecting her sister. She had spent many years in the church under the Pastor. She looked up to him and trusted him with her whole life essentially. These revelations were not only challenging for her as a disciple of the church but also as a child of God. Joanna begin to cry at the thought of how her sister must be feeling. Ontel came up to Joanna and whispered. “You need to pull it together because I need you to drive. I am going to sit in the back with Pastor and the lady. I don’t trust them but we do need to go. He slipped her Pastor’s gun. Joanna’s heart skipped a beat as she felt the metal of the gun in her hands. Grabbing Colton, she walked towards the other van and jumped into the driver’s seat. Everyone else piled in. “Where are we going?” she looked in the rearview and tried to push back the feeling of complete danger that was in her heart. “To the auction,” The woman stated. Joanna looked at Ontel and he nodded. “Which way?” She asked. The lady stated, “The GPS is already programmed. Please understand that we are not trying to hurt you guys.” Joanna started looking at the directions which were on the GPS system “You have left your projected route.” The GPS system blared through the speakers. She thought about how they were at the most vulnerable place they could possibly be. Not one of them knew anything about this country. Not one of them were able to navigate this unknown terrain. “Don’t listen to them beloved, ” the prophetess stated. “We need to get back on the main road and head to the airport. They are leading us into another trap.” Something about what the prophetess was stating made Joanna’s fears fade away. Joanna listened to her. “We can’t go back to the airport. Joanna, think about your daughter.” The Pastor’s voice was panicked. Joanna put the car into drive and turned the van around. “What is the name of the airport where we came in?” The Pastor didn’t say a word. Ontel screamed out… “What is the name?” He pointed the gun to the Pastor’s head. “La Luz!!” the woman shouted. Joanna entered the information into the GPS and rerouted the van following the directions. “You are making a huge mistake Joanna,” pastor stated. Joanna didn’t know what to believe. The feeling that she felt of helplessness overwhelmed her but she was sure that Mexico was not the place she needed to be. She thought about the Pastor being Sagar’s father. How could she not know that?